IS-MIX advanced mixed-gas rebreather

The Interspiro IS-MIX (aka OMD 10) is one of the latest generation of Western semi-closed circuit mixed-gas rebreathers. Being one of the most advanced on the market it is used by several NATO Navies and the Swedish Navy's Clearance Divers (aka Navy EOD, aka 'Röjdykare'). And therefore it isn't the type of kit which is available on the civilian market, and sets naval applications apart from civilian ones. Consequently only minimal information is available in the public domain.
Image from Röjdykarna Flottan - Navy EOD instagram. Check it out: (HERE)

The biggest concern in diving is always safety; diving is inherently dangerous and the deeper you go, the longer, the colder the water, the further from shore... all these factors only make reliability even more important. But when you throw high-explosive naval mines with magnetic or acoustic fuses and anti-tamper devices into the mix, the danger goes off the scale. Go near them in regular SCUBA gear and you'd be liquidized. You need a rig that is non-magnetic and silent (no bubbles, no breathing sound...), and that doesn't come cheaply.

So the IS-MIX is tailor made to the mine clearance role, something which technologically-speaking is more challenging than covert special forces missions. It is suited to those mission profiles (ship attack, reconnaissance, infiltration), but in some regards is over-specification and therefore expensive.


Type: naval-spec rebreather (underwater breathing apparatus) with semi-closed circuit

Length: 0.62m

Width: 0.55m

height: 0.25m

Weight: Frame 9kg, loaded with full gas etc, 35kg

Depth: Various Nitrox and Trimix gasses for 30m, 60m and 90m diving. Deeper diving possible.

Breathing supply: 5 litres of Mixed gas @ 200-300 Bar, 4.5 Litre hydrostatic bellows, large diameter hose

Buoyancy: Neutral in water with automatic buoyancy valve, roll/pitch neutral buoyancy and 1 Litre dry-suit/vest inflation cylinder

Operators: Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, ???



The Swedish Navy recently gave a rare demonstration of the IS-MIX at the 2014 Navy Day in Karlskrona.

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