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  1. Unidentified Object On Chinese Navy Nuclear Missile Submarine

    Flag China An interesting video has surfaced on Chinese social media, shared on Twitter here, of a Chinese Navy (PLAN) Type-094 Jin Class ballistic missile submarine. The submarine is seen on the surface with one of the starboard (right) missile hatches open.

    Behind that, on the aft of the raised missile deck casing, is an unidentified structure.
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  2. Ukraine War Navy Recognition Quiz

    Flag Russia Flag Ukraine This quiz covers warships and other naval vessels currently operating in the Black Sea as part of the war. Both Russian and Ukrainian types are shown.

    Think you know your warships and submarines? Take the quiz!
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  3. Season's Greetings & Update on Books

    Season's greetings. 2022 has seen the Covert Shores blog (and Twitter) focusing on the naval aspects of the war in Ukraine. I will continue this focus as long as the fighting continues. I hope to return to submarine cutaways (there are several completed but unpublished) and the varied diet of obscure naval topics again in 2023. For the moment, I am playing it by ear however.

    Please be aware that my books are no longer in print.

  4. OSINT-Versus-Fiction: Jack Ryan's Ship Identified

    Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan is now in series 3 on Amazon Prime. Twitter user @legitloginname noticed that the show used satellite imagery of Sevastopol in one of its episodes. It is supposed to show a cargo ship. Of course, many in the defense and OSINT communities will instantly recognize which class of ship it actually is...
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  5. Patriot3 Jetboots, Hammerhead & Kraken

    Patriot-3M diver propulsion
    Flag Patriot 3 Maritime (‘Patriot3M’) produces a range of diver propulsion products ranging from the widely known Jetboots, which are small thrusters which attach to the diver’s thighs, to the virtually unknown Kraken Sub-surface Multi-mission Vehicle Read More >....

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