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  1. Iranian-Forward-Base-Ships

    New OSINT: Iran Launches Another Forward Base Ship, I.R.I.N.S Makran

    Less than two weeks after the IRGC-N revealed their first overt Forward Base ship Shahid Roudaki (the Saviz is undeclared), the Iranian Navy appears to be in the process of launching its own.

    And it is much larger than the IRGC ship.

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  2. New-Merch-Low-Key-T-Shirt

    New Merchandize: Discrete Covert Shores T-Shirt

    By request, I have added a low-key T-Shirt to the range. It features the new Covert Shores submarine logo (designed by d-atis (Twitter)), and is available in several colors.

    Other T-shirts include the classic Typhoon, and new Narco-Submarine ones.

  3. Submarines-We-Do-Not-Know-The-Name-Of

    4 Submarines Which Are So Secret, We Do Not Know Their Name

    Submarines are shrouded in secrecy. But their mere existence is hard to keep under wraps.

    Yet here are four submarines, currently out there in the oceans of the world, whose development has been so secret that we do not even know their name.

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  4. OSINT-Chinese-Radar-Site-Naozhou-Dao

    OSINT Crosshairs: Pinpointing a Radar Transmitter in China
    Flag Following on from the article on some radar transmissions being visible on some satellite imagery, here is a quick worked example.

    The interference is a a right-angle to the path of the satellite, running directly across the image. So we know that the transmitter is somewhere along the line of the interference. And if the satellite passes overhead on different flightpaths, where the two lines cross is the source...
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  5. Iranian-IRGC-Forward-Base-Shahid-Roudaki

    The IRGC's Newest And Most Powerful Warship: A Balanced Look
    Flag The IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) has a reputation for hyperbolic military claims. Their latest ship, the Shahid Roudaki, was inducted into service with a media fanfare.

    But there are quesations.

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  6. Jiangnan-Shipyard-China-Update

    New Imagery Shows Ginormous Warship Construction, China
    Flag Google Earth has updated its imagery of Shanghai, providing clear images of Jiangnan shipyard. This is where the Type-003 aircraft carrier is being built.

    But it is also where the enigmatic sailless submarine is...

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  7. Khabarovsk-Class-Submarine

    New in Russia: Khabarovsk Class Submarine
    Flag The Russian Navy is quietly building a fleet of these submarines. The first dedicated Poseidon boat, Khabarovsk, is expected to enter the water next year....

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  8. Borei-A

    Updated. Originally posted 17th Nov. 2017 and 5th December 2017
    Russia's pr.955A Borei-II Class SSBN
    Flag The improved Pr.0955A (aka 09552) Borei-A variant which will form the backbone of Russia's at-sea nuclear deterrent... Read More >....

  9. OSINT-Radar-Affecting-SAR-Satellite-Images

    Northern Lights: Radar Affecting SAR Satellite Images

    As the arctic winter sets in over the Barents Sea, a Russian radar is switched on.

    You may think that we cannot sea radar waves. But thanks to an unusual effect, it is lighting up the darkness...

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