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  1. Shelf-ATGU-connected-to-ice-breaking submarine

    New OSINT on Russian 'Shelf' autonomous underwater reactor (ATGU)
    Flag The reactor section of the "Submarine for servicing underwater mining complexes on the Arctic shelf and other underwater operations" is identical to the Shelf self-contained nuclear power designed for seabed operations... Read More >....

  2. Husky_SSN

    Updated, originally posted April-1 2017.
    HUSKY / Pr.545 Laika: Russia's Next Generation Attack Submarine
    Flag Article tracking development of the next generation Russian attack submarine to supersede the AKULA Class... Read More >....

  3. low-cost-autonomous-submarine

    Concept For Low-Cost Autonomous Anti-Ship Submarine
    As the US Navy's Orca XLUUV program gathers pace, and other navies look to larger AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles), it is time to consider what the future might look like. Specifically, what a low-cost, low-risk XLUUV might be like. ... Read More >....

  4. Battle-of-Midway-Warship-Quiz

    The discovery of the wrecks of two Japanese aircraft carriers lost at the Battle of Midway brings the battle a bit closer. Take the quiz!

  5. New-photos-of-DPRK-subs-in-Vietnam

    New rare images show DPRK subs (in Vietnam)
    Flag Stills of a Vietnamese television show have recently surfaced on Vietnamese language social media showing the country's imported North Korean submersibles. These images are of interest in themselves, but also show further details which apply to the types in North Korean service... Read More >....

  6. Barnes-Wallis-Heyday-Rocket-Torpedo

    British 'Heyday' rocket torpedo
    Flag British scientist, engineer and inventor Sir Barnes Neville Wallis CBE is best remembered for inventing the bouncing bomb which was used by the Royal Air Force in the Dambusters raid (Operation Chastise). He worked on a wide range of projects however, including hydrodynamics. This article is about his rocket torpedo... Read More >....

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