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  1. Ru_Raptor_2018-04

    14th Pr.03160 "Raptor" assault boat joining Baltic Fleet
    An image recently released by the Russian Ministry of Defense showcasing a Project 03160 "Raptor" Assault Boat reveals an interesting detail....

  2. A26

    A-26 Next Generation AIP Attack Submarine
    The A-26 is one of the most advanced and forward-looking non-nuclear submarine designs in the world.... Read More >....

  3. Rotinor BlackShadow and Divejet DPVs

    Rotinor's Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPVs) are widely used within the Special Forces community and represent a major player in the market. Although innovative and high-tech, these craft represent rapidly maturing technology and are noted for the high underwater speed. Read More >....

  4. Plot_to_steal_a_Nuclear_Submarine

    1978 plan to steal USS Trepang (Sturgeon Class SSN)
    In a plot straight out of a straight-to-video movie, two ambitious would-be super-villains planned to steal a Sturgeon Class nuclear powered attack submarine, sail it into the North Atlantic and then sell it to the Mafia...

  5. Russia_BUCKS_unmanned_boat

    Russian Cold War unmanned boat
    Today, Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs) are seen as an emerging trend in naval doctrine. But some types were in service during the Cold War (and even World War One!). This article describes the Russian BUKS (БУКС) mine and obstacle clearance boat from the Cold War......

  6. Sturgeon_SSN

    Cold War Sturgeon Class Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarine (SSN)
    The main US Navy attack submarine of the Cold War, 39 Sturgeon Class SSNs were built in the late 1960s and 1970s. Their primary purpose was anti-submarine warfare against all types of seagoing Soviet submarines...

  7. Seliger

    Russian Seliger Deep Sea 'Research' Complex
    The Soviet deep-sea research into cable cutting from submarines goes back to the mid-1960s. The Russian Seliger vehicle was used for deep sea research and 'undersea engineering' during the Cold War.....

  8. Russian_Arctic_Seabed_Capabilities

    Large illustration of Russian Under-ice Seabed Capabilities
    Russia continues to take steps towards militarizing the arctic, and in particular the sea floor under the ice cap....

  9. PR-77+R-2_SDVs

    Classic two-man SDV of the Cold War
    Flag Flag Flag This one of the most widely recognized Swimmer Delivery Vehicles (SDVs) of the Cold War, and is best known as the Ronilica R-2, preferred mount of Yugoslavia’s commando frogmen unit the 82 Maritime Center. The original design is in fact French, and it served with the US Navy UDT and SEALs as well as being exported, from Yugoslavia, to Sweden, Syria and Libya.....

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