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  1. Qatar Navy's New Submarine - About M23 SRL

    Flag Slowly, more information about the submarines being built in Italy for the Qatari Emiri Navy (QEN) are coming out. The EUR 190 million deal is for two submarines plus a training system.

    It has emerged that GSE are the builder, under a spin-off company called M23 SRL.
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  2. New Variant Of China's Yuan Class Submarine, Possible Type-039C

    Flag A candid photograph, taken from a moving vehicle on a bridge, shows the submarine on the slipway at Wuchang shipyard in Wuhan.

    I have not yet been able to corroborate the image with other public sources, so caution is needed. However, Google Earth satellite imagery does show three submarine hull sections in the latest (February 2021) imagery.
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  3. US Navy's Low Visibility Craft (LVC)

    Flag America Imagine a little-talked about military unit made up of U.S. Navy SEALs, Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) divers and U.S. Marine Corps Force Recon guys. Give them trained Navy dolphins, and ask task them with developing new tactics.

    And the unique Low Visibility Craft they came up with is particularly interesting.
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  4. Possible New Information On Russia's Mysterious 'Cephalopod' AUV

    Possible New Information On Russia's Mysterious 'Cephalopod' Armed AUV

    Flag Russia Russian submarine design bureau Rubin has been targeted by suspected Chinese state hackers. The alleged attack was made via a malware loaded Word document, which was emailed to Rubin's Director General, Igor V. Vilnit.

    The story is interesting, but the image used in the attack is particularly interesting. It appears to show the little-known armed AUV 'Cephalopod'.
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  5. French Navy Suffren Class Submarine

    French Navy Suffren Class (Barracuda) Submarine

    Flag France As naval threats go, nuclear-powered attack submarines (SSNs) are the apex predators. The new Suffren Class will bring France's SSNs closer to their British and American allies boats in overall capabilities.

    6 of these submarines will form the backbone of the French Navy (Marine Nationale).
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  6. Indonesia's KSM-32 Submarine Design

    Indonesian Navy's KSM 32 Midget Submarine

    Flag Indonesia The KSM-32 (Kapal Selam Mini) is an indigenous midget submarine design from Indonesia.

    midget submarines represent a natural first step for a country building its indigenous submarine building capabilities. Indonesia is already locally producing the South Korean Type-209/1400 Chang Bogo-class, known locally as the Nagapasa-class. Midget submarines would be quicker, cheaper and lower risk than entering into a full-sized indigenous program.
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  7. Russias New Submarine Belgorod Out Of The Water

    Updated with new photo. Originally posted April 30th.

    Russia's New Submarine Belgorod Out Of The Water

    Flag Russia The Russian Navy's new special mission submarine, K-329 Belgorod, has returned to the construction hall. The submarine is expected to start sea trials soon so this may be a temporary measure to inspect the hull.

    Or it may indicate a larger problem...
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  8. DRASS DG-900 Compact Submarine

    Drass DG-900 Compact Submarine

    Flag There is renewed attention on Italy's tradition of midget submarine design and construction. Qatar has ordered two subs from an unreported Italian midget submarine manufacturer. One of the possible firms is Drass.

    The DG-900 represents the most capable design in the current range.
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  9. DRASS Submarines

    Updated: New classes added. Originally posted 10th June 2017.

    Drass SDVs and submarines

    Flag This article gives an overview of the Drass designs for Compact Submarines, Midget Submarines and Swimmer Delivery Vehicles.

    The secrecy surrounding Italian Swimmer Delivery Vehicle (SDV) manufacture is legendary.
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