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  1. Borei-A

    Updated. Originally posted 17th Nov. 2017 and 5th December 2017
    Russia's pr.955A Borei-A SSBN
    Flag The improved Pr.0955A (aka 09552) BOREI-A variant which will form the backbone of Russia's future at-sea nuclear deterrent... Read More >....

  2. New_Ortega_SDV_revealed

    Revealed: Latest Dutch Special Forces Swimmer Delivery Vehicles
    Previously unpublished blurry mobile phone photographs of an unusual boat seen on a Dutch lake showed the latest Ortega Mk.1D 4-person Swimmer Delivery Vehicle (SDV). The craft was undergoing manufacturer’s trials prior to delivery to a defense customer. Covert Shores can reveal further details and high-resolution photos.
    Read More >....

  3. Yantar_News

    British deep-sea robot seen on Russian GUGI ship passing UK
    When the Russian ‘spy ship’ Yantar passed British waters this week she was shadowed by Royal Navy destroyer HMS Diamond (D-34). The escort made headlines with images posted on major media and social media. Yantar is a controversial ship. One interesting detail is that the British supplied Anglo-Swedish Tiger remote operated vehicle (ROV) was lashed to the helipad. Read More >....

  4. Ru_Hydro-Bionics

    Soviet Hydro-Bionics
    Flag Bio-mimic submarine technology, when underwater vehicles use propulsion mechanisms inspired by marine wildlife instead of the propellers (‘screws’) is a hot topic. But it is not as new as you might think... Read More >....

  5. Russian_Submarine_BS-64_Payload

    Confirmed: Russian 'Special Mission' submarine carries large payloads on back
    Photos have emerged on Russian internet sources showing Russian Navy / GUGI special mission host submarine with payload cradle on deck. This confirms the configuration shown on Covert Shores since 2016....

  6. Russian_Submarine_Activity

    Sanity checking reports of increased Russian submarine activity
    There have been reports that Russian submarine activity has returned to Cold War levels. This article uses publicly available data to compare recent activity to Cold War levels....

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