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  1. World_Submarines

    New book out soon:
    World Submarines
    Covert Shores Recognition Guide

    The next Covert Shores book should hit Amazon in the next month or so. Because of the effort involved I have been posting new articles on the Covert Shores website less frequently.

    The book is a large format, all-color recognition guide to ALL the submarines currently in service around the world plus those which will enter service in coming years.

    There are over 80 Classes/families of submarine covered, including the obscure types often overlooked elsewhere.

    My co-author is C Edward Davis, a keen submarine researcher as well as an excellent fiction and non-fiction writer.

    For a heads up when it hits Amazon, please follow this website, or my Twitter, or contact me by e-mail

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  2. Uboat_XXIXH

    Type-XXIX-H stealth U-boat design, 1944
    This unbuilt design was intended to replace the ubiquitous Type-VIIC U-Boat family. It was conceived as a relatively modest design, albeit incorporating the latest thinking, and yet it was the first submarine to incororate sonar stealth shaping as part of its core design...
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    Nautiraid High Pressure Commando Mk.1
    Flag This is a unique submarine concept developed by the Rubin design bureau. It is designed to conduct sub-bottom surveys using very low frequency active sonar which can penetrate the sea floor...
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  4. DGS-888

    Brazilian DGS-888 Raptor riverine craft
    Flag The Brazilian armed forces have recently published images showing the new type in service with the Marines for interception, patrol and light troop transportation in the Amazon.
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  5. Yantar

    Russian ship loitering near undersea cables
    Updated: Original article 9th Oct. 2016.

    Flag The Russian Navy’s Project 22010 mini-sub host ship Yantar is known for loitering near undersea internet cables (known as Submarine communications Cables - SCC). It may have other special missions also.... Read More >....

  6. USS_Grayback

    USS Grayback (LPSS-574): SEAL host submarine
    Flag At the height of the Cold War and Vietnam Wars In the mid-1960s the US Navy planned to convert two nuclear deterrence guided missile submarines into dedicated Special Forces host submarines.....includes information on Operation THUNDERHEAD... Read More >....

  7. Ru_Arctic

    Flag Russia is pursuing a number of underwater projects which will come together to form a substantial strategic advantage in the Arctic. These are both military and civilian in nature and fit Russian ambitions to dominate the region both militarily and economically.... Read More >....

  8. SSN-23

    USS Jimmy Carter - Semper Optima

    Larger, faster, deeper diving, better armed and stealthier than previous generations of US Navy attack submarine, the Seawolf Class (SSN-21) were conceived towards the end of the Cold War as the ultimate underwater hunter-killers. Even by this measure the last of the Class is something quite special... Read More >....

  9. Hunley

    Famous Civil War submarine: H. L. Hunley
    During the American Civil War the Navy of the Confederate States were heavily outgunned by the Union’s navy. Invariably the development of sneak attack craft is born of desperation as an effort to confront the numerically and qualitatively superior force. Civilian engineers were invited to submit proposals to the Confederate Navy and promised financial rewards for successful designs. Best known of these Confederate sneak craft was the HL Hunley.... Read More >....

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