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  1. Narco Subs 101

    Covert Shores Guide - updated
    Narco submarines
    Nacro submarines are increasingly sophisticated. This article lays out the main categories and give examples.Read More >....

  2. Covert-Shores-Narco-Submarines-Book

    Narco Submarines
    Covert Shores Recognition Guide
    Narco Submarines provides a go-to guide to the low-profile vessels used to smuggle narcotics in Latin America and across the Atlantic.

    Based on 10 years of research of over 180 reported incidents (1990s-present), this book presents a practical quick reference guide. It includes a detailed taxonomy, type overviews, cutaways, recognition images, photos and profiles.

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  3. Nordenfelt-submarines

    Covert Shores Guide to
    Nordenfelt steam submarines (1880s)
    Flag Flag Flag Flag Flag The Nordenfelt submarines of the 1880s are an underappreciated part of submarine history. They were midway between the human powered submarines of the American Civil War and the gasoline and diesel boats of the 1900s. Much of their technology was ground (sea) breaking...

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  4. Royal-Navy-Manta-XLUUV

    Royal Navy extra-large UUV: Manta
    As a first step the Royal Navy recently announced the contract for the Manta XLUUV (Extra-large Uncrewed Underwater Vehicle). Ultimately the Royal Navy envisions very large UUVs taking on armed combat roles....

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  5. MSUBs-Moray-XLUUV

    British extra-large UUV: Moray
    MORAY is a multi-role XLUUV (extra-large unmanned underwater vehicle) designed for both combat and reconnaissance. Its modular design allows for ASW, ASuW, MCM and ISR mission fits...

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