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  1. Ru_Hydro-Bionics

    Soviet Hydro-Bionics
    Flag Bio-mimic submarine technology, when underwater vehicles use propulsion mechanisms inspired by marine wildlife instead of the propellers (‘screws’) is a hot topic. But it is not as new as you might think... Read More >....

  2. Russian_Submarine_BS-64_Payload

    Confirmed: Russian 'Special Mission' submarine carries large payloads on back
    Photos have emerged on Russian internet sources showing Russian Navy / GUGI special mission host submarine with payload cradle on deck. This confirms the configuration shown on Covert Shores since 2016....

  3. Russian_Submarine_Activity

    Sanity checking reports of increased Russian submarine activity
    There have been reports that Russian submarine activity has returned to Cold War levels. This article uses publicly available data to compare recent activity to Cold War levels....

  4. O_Eneroth_Submarine_1897

    Vintage submarine design from 1897
    In the late 1800s Sweden was q leading powerhouse in submarine design, with a Nordenfelt Class submarine being the first in the world to launch a torpedo in 1888. Ten years later another Swedish engineer, O Eneroth, was proposing a cutting-edge submarine design.
    ... Read More >....

    Photo from Sjöhistoriska museet.

  5. 3GST9

    Flag An advanced Dry Combat Submersible design from the end of the Cold War, the 3GST9 has a reputation of being a very impressive boat, continuing the Italian tendency to be ten years ahead of everyone else in this field. Its Air Independet Power (AIP) made it a generation ahead of contemporary designs. Read More >....

  6. Alfa_Class_Submarine

    Russian ALFA Class interceptor submarine
    At the height of the Cold War NATO submariners found themselves confronting a Soviet submarine which not only greatly out-performed their own boats, but which could operate beyond the reach of their weapons... Read More >....

  7. Burning_Narco-VSV

    Fifth Narco VSV
    The fifth Narco-VSV (Very Slender Vessel) has been intercepted by the US Navy. The Cyclone Class patrol boat USS Zephyr (PC 8), with a US Coast Guard detachment aboard, seized the vessel in the Eastern Pacific on 7th April 2018....

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