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    Orca: US Navy future Extra-Large Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (XLUUV)
    The US Navy is progressing towards the aim of having extra-large unmanned underwater vehicles (XLUUVs) armed with cruise missiles, torpedoes, mines and smaller UUVs... Read More >....

  2. Spy Subs -Project 09852 Belgorod

    Updated. Originally posted 25th June 2016
    Flag Russia is building a new military complex deep under the Arctic, and is bringing the new Poseidon Intercontinental Nuclear-Powered Nuclear-Armed Autonomous Torpedo into service. As one of the largest submarines in the world, the new Project 09852 Belgorod submarine will play a key role in both projects..... Read More >....

  3. Naval_Capabilities-Sea_of_Azov

    Kerch Strait crisis: Naval Capabilities in Sea of Azov
    Flag Flag In November 2018 Russia has began a blockade of the Sea of Azoz, denying commercial ships access to Ukrainian ports along the sea’s northern coast. This article summarizes selected Ukrainian and Russian Naval capabilities in the Sea of Azov... Read More >....


    New 8-person Swimmer Delivery Vehicle revealed
    Flag Italian SDV and Special Forces midget submarine builder DRASS revealed their 8-man design at EuroNaval 2018.... Read More >....

  5. Deep_Shadow_SDV

    Updated: originally posted 22nd June 2018.
    'Deep Shadow' Swimmer Delivery Vehicle revealed
    Flag The Deep Shadow carries six combat swimmers and is roughly analogous to the US Navy SEALs’ SDV Mk.VIII series. Its streamlined hull allows a comparatively high yet undisclosed cruising speed.... Read More >....

  6. Decima-MAS_attack_on_New-York

    Planned Special Forces attack on New York, 1943
    Flag Probably the most ambitious midget submarine operation during the entire Second World War. Italy’s elite frogman unit, Decima MAS, planned to transport a CA Class midget submarine to New York harbor on a larger sea-going host submarine, and then use the midget submarine to deliver combat swimmers to attack shipping with limpet mines... Read More >....

  7. SMX-31

    Updated. Originally posted 31st Oct 2018
    SMX-31 future submarine concept: 'The Electric'
    Naval Group traditionally unveils ambitious concept submarines at the bi-annual Euronaval exhibition in Paris. This year they revealed the innovative all-electric SMX-31...

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  8. Seacraft_DPC

    Seacraft DPC
    Polish Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) manufacturer Seacraft is developing a Diver Propulsion Craft (DPC) which bridges the gap between DPVs and full-size SDVs (Swimmer Delivery Vehicles). The one/two/three/four-person craft allows greater speed, load carrying and endurance than a DPV whilst still being small enough to manhandle or carry within a submarine....
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  9. Vanquisher of enemies - INS Arihant

    Updated. Originally posted 21st September 2014

    Flag Despite years of development and press attention, India's first ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) the INS Arihant is still something of a mystery. As more information comes out we can have a go at working out exactly what she looks like, and what the implications are on her internal layout and capabilities.

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