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  1. NarcoSub_03-2018

    Narco Sub developments and trends
    This article documents recent intercepts and highlights how Narco Sub design and Modus Operandi is evolving....

  2. Harpsichord_AUV

    Russian Harpsichord large Unmanned Underwater Vehicles carried by nuclear submarines
    The Harpsichord-2P-PM (Клавесин-2Р-ПМ) UUV is one of the largest and most advanced UUV programs in Russia. It will be carried by surface vessels or submarines and may become a standard feature of Russian Navy nuclear submarines, giving them an improved Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) capability....

  3. Spy Subs -Project 09852 Belgorod

    Updated with refined cutaway. Originally posted 25th June 2016
    Flag Russia is building a new military complex deep under the Arctic, and is bringing the new KANYON strategic nuclear weapon into service. As one of the largest submarines in the world, the new Project 09852 Belgorod submarine will play a key role in both projects.

    "Belgorod" is an unfinished OSCAR-II cruise missile submarine which is being converted to serve as a Special Missions mother submarine. It will be crewed by the Russian Navy but operated under GUGI, the secretive Main Directorate Deep Sea Research organization.

    In order to conduct covert special missions, it will carry a deep diving midget submarine, large payloads and the new KANYON (Status-6) strategic nuclear torpedo weapon.... Read More >....

  4. Status-6_KANYON

    Russian Status-6 Intercontinental, nuclear armed, undersea autonomous torpedo Demystified
    This brief analysis details a selection of my original research into the subject....

  5. OSINT_Landscape

    OSINT Landscape released
    This landscape shows the main platforms and tools of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Open Source Investigation (OSINV). OSINT is the collection and analysis of publicly available sources in an intelligence context. "Open" refers to overt, publicly available sources as opposed to covert or clandestine sources..... Read More >....


    Russian SIERRA-II attack submarine ('Condor')
    Two titanium-hulled SIERRA-II nuclear powered attack submarines serve with Russia’s Northern Fleet stationed near the Arctic Circle....

  7. Single-versus-Double_Hull

    Single & Double-hulled submarines demystified
    Submarines can be divided into those with a Single Hulls and those with Double Hulls. The former has only one layer of steel between the crew and the open ocean while the latter has an external outer hull which completely encases the occupied inner hull. The relative merits of these two approaches is hotly debated....

  8. USN-SEALs_Jetski

    US Navy SEALs' modified jetski revealed
    A photo published by the US Navy shows the heavily modified YAMAHA 2016 FX CRUISER SHO jetski...

  9. Vogo_SDV-1000W

    Vogo Engineering's SDV-1000W Submersible boat / Swimmer Delivery Vehicle...

  10. Dutch_WW2_Subs

    Advanced Dutch multi-hull submarine designs of World War Two
    Flag At the start of World war Two, naval architects from the Dutch B.V. Nederlandsche Ver. Scheepsbouw Bureaux took refuge in the United Kingdom, where they continued to design submarines.. Read More >....

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