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  1. Swe_OSINT

    Win for responsible OSINT: Swedish town moves webcam covering naval base
    A recent Covert Shores article highlighted the potential use of public webcams to provide Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) about submarine operating patterns and capabilities. This used a webcam overlooking the Swedish Naval Base of Karlskrona as an example. Since the article the local government has a agreed to the navy’s request to move the camera.... Read More >....

  2. Narco_Seehund

    Narco-Sub based on German Seehund Midget Submarine
    One of the most unusual drug smuggling ‘narco-subs’ was this fully submersible midget submarine captured in by Columbian forces in a jungle factory near the Ecuadorian border on or around 27th November 2011. It has an uncanny resemblance to German World War Two Seehund midget submarine... Read More >....

  3. OSINT_Webcams

    Analysis of submarine operating patterns and capabilities using public webcams
    The recent Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) revolution has seriously eroded the secrecy which can be expected of submarine operations. Fueled by the Information age and, increasingly, the AI revolution, OSINT provides many ways to track certain elements of submarine operations, principle the time they spend in port. This is significant because it can reveal operating patterns, readiness levels, procedures and routes, indicators of movement and, potentially changes in readiness status. During times of tension some OSINT sources may provide real-time or near real time indicators of action or inaction, of strength or vulnerability.... Read More >....

  4. SSV

    Submersible Support Vessel
    Flag The US Department of Defense (DOD) released its Expeditionary Advance Base Operations Wargame Toolkit and options in November 2016. The unclassified document is intended to illustrate the art of the possible and does not imply DOD endorsement or funded requirements. It does however show the direction of thinking of the DOD... Read More >....

  5. Swedish_SSN

    Swedish nuclear submarine program
    Flag Sweden was one of the first countries to pursue a nuclear powered submarine, starting development in 1957. This article summarizes the major features of the nuclear and AIP designs which were part of the journey to the conventionally powered A-11 Sjöormen Class... Read More >....

  6. OSINT_danger

    Danger of circular references in OSINT
    Flag Official commemorative pendants depicting Russian spy submarines are a goldmine for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). The aim of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is to gain insights into the activities, capabilities and intentions of {insert government or non-state organization} using publicly available information. So in the case of the secretive world of Russian submarine programs this includes trawling through documents and web chatter related to the shipyards and design bureaus associated with them. Often pendants, posters and medals reveal or confirm some small details about the submarines in question.

    However, things are not always what they seem.... Read More >....

  7. Pr885_Analysis

    Flag Originaly posted 17th April 2017
    Analysis of Project 885M Yasen-M Submarine images
    Flag After the first improved project-885M Yasen-M submarine, K-561 Kazan, was launched at the Sevmash yard on 31st March 2017, images are slowly leaking out of Russia.
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  8. Narco-VSV

    First two Very Slender Vessel (VSV) narco-subs seized
    On Saturday 22nd April 2017 anti-narcotics agents from the Guatemalan National Civil Police seized an abandoned narco-sub in the Pacific. A second example was intercepted by USCGC Waesche (WMSL-751) on 8th June. One is interesting, two is a trend.....
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  9. DRASS

    Drass SDVs revealed
    Flag The secrecy surrounding Italian Swimmer Delivery Vehicle (SDV) manufacture is legendary. Drass are an established name in the defense industry, supplying hyperbaric chambers for diver decompression, but are less open about their SDVs...
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  10. Chariot_Mk2

    The forgotten British SDV: Chariot Mk.II
    Flag The Chariot Mk.II is a forgotten hero of World War Two British midget submarines. It was kept secret and remained in service after the war...
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