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  1. Russian_Tracked_Submarines_Baltic_1980s

    Soviet tracked submersibles in Baltic, 1980s
    A spate of submarine incursions in the 1980s led to the suspicion that the Soviet Navy was operating tracked submersibles in Swedish waters....

  2. Pr885M_Kazan_Zircon

    Russia to equip cruise missile submarine with hypersonic anti-ship missile
    Reports that the Mach 7 Zircon hypersonic anti-ship missile will be tested aboard K-561 Kazan in 2019...

  3. The Escape of Bernd Boettger

    Updated. Originally posted 7th November 2014
    Daring underwater escape from East Germany
    FlagThere were many fantastic and inspiring escapes across the Iron Curtain during the Cold War. With the odds stacked against anyone even trying to escape, it often came down to ingenious contraptions to exploit weaknesses in the defenses. One of the most impressive examples was Bernd Boettger's 1968 escape by home-made diver propulsion device (DPV)

  4. SBS_Archimedes_SDV

    British SBS Archimedes swimmer delivery vehicle
    Flag During the undeclared war between Indonesia and Malaysia in 1963-66 (known as the Indonesia Confrontation),an official requirement was raised for the SBS to be ready to conduct underwater sabotage missions against enemy ships in harbor... Read More >....

  5. Fateh-Class_Submarine

    Updated. Originally posted 8th Dec 2016
    Slowly, more information is creeping out concerning Iran’s new attack submarine. The Fateh ('Conqueror') is the latest in a series of indigenous submarine projects and is by far the most potent....

  6. Iran_SLCM_video_analysis

    Iran's Jask-2 submarine launched missile
    On the third day of Iran’s Velayat 97 exercises, the Iranian media published reports that a cruise missile had been demonstrated aboard an IS-120 Ghadir Class midget submarine. This article disects the footage...

  7. Royal_Navy_Littoral_Strike_Ships

    Updated. Originally posted 12th Feb 2019
    Littoral Strike Ship
    On 11th February 2019 British Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson announced the concept and development phase of a new class of amphibious warfare vessel to support the Royal Marines, and by inference, Special Forces. The new vessels will operate close to enemy shores and be termed Littoral Strike Ships...

    Read More >....

  8. Poseidon_Torpedo

    Russian Poseidon Intercontinental Nuclear-Powered Nuclear-Armed Autonomous Torpedo
    Poseidon is the largest torpedo ever developed in any country. Countering this system is will force Western planners to reconsider anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and undersea sensor/weapons investment....

  9. SAROV-Class_Submarine

    Originally posted 9th Sept 2014.
    Sarov Class submarine demystified
    The Project 20120 Sarov Class submarine is critical to Russia’s development of the new KANYON (Status-6) nuclear armed nuclear powered strategic weapon. This submarine has kept analysts guessing. Trying to decipher her unique form and curious appendages merely adds to the mystery. She is a boat which is not well documented, and many illustrations of her turn out to be quite misleading. The same can be said of much of the early analysis which still affects write-ups on the subject.

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