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  1. Seismic_Survey_Sub

    Russian Seismic Survey Submarine for Arctic Operations
    Flag This is a unique submarine concept developed by the Rubin design bureau. It is designed to conduct sub-bottom surveys using very low frequency active sonar which can penetrate the sea floor...
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    The Seismic Survey submarine can be seen top right. The twin hull lifting submarine (left) does not appear to have been pursued.

  2. History of Israeli Subs

    Flag Flag The submarine force of the Israeli Navy is unlike any other submarine force in existence. As a small country surrounded by enemies, Israel has driven itself to the forefront of military technology and application. The history of the Israeli Navy's 7th Flotilla s particularly interesting. Today Israeli submarines are among the most sophisticated and potent boats in service with any navy.

  3. SWCS

    Shallow Water Combat Submersible (SWCS) - US Navy's and USSOCOM's next generation SEAL Delivery Vehicle. Read More >....

  4. Triton-1

    Triton-1: Spetsnaz’s unknown Swimmer Delivery Vehicle (SDV)
    FlagThe offensive potential of the Triton-1 was put to the test in October 1961 when an ace crew conducted a demonstration sneak attack at Tallinn in Estonia, then part of Soviet territory. The crew passed through the harbor defenses unobserved and surfaced within 30m (30 yards) of a submarine tied up at the pier. Still undetected, they sank from sight and made the return journey, again passing through the boom defenses unnoticed. It was a powerful demonstration to the Soviet Navy and ensured the future of the frogmen and their craft..... Read More >....

  5. Porpoise_1000

    Porpoise 1,000-ton littoral submarine concept
    Flag Small submarines pose an elusive threat to naval forces operating in relatively shallow waters, particularly amidst islands. Knowing this the Swedish Navy has a long tradition of building relatively small submarines optimized for the confined waters of the Baltic and particularly among the thousands of islands in the Swedish Archipelago. The Porpoise 1000 ton concept is a Swedish submarine officer’s take on the ideal littoral submarine...
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  6. RuPAC_rescueX

    Russian Pacific Fleet shows submarine rescue capability
    Flag The Russian Ministry of Defense has shared photos from a recent exercise in Pacific. They show the a Project 18270 BESTER DSRV deploying from the rescue ship Igor Belousov. Also shown is a British-built Saab SeaEye Tiger ROV...
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  7. Pr885M_Update

    Revealing video of Pr.885M 'Kazan' launch
    Flag A video has emerged of the latest Russian Project 885M YASEN-M Class cruise missile submarine ‘Kazan’ being launched. ...
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  8. Arctic_Trefoil

    Photos of construction of Russian Artic Trefoil Base
    Flag Russia recently showcased its ‘new’ Arctic Trefoil military base on Alexandra Land in the Franz Josef Land archipelago in the Arctic. Analysis suggests that it is built at a pre-existing artic outpost known as Nagurskoye (Нагу́рское) located at 80.810090°, 47.651465°...
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  9. Belgrano_1982

    Sinking of ARA Admiral Belgrano - 2nd May 1982
    On the 2nd May 1982, the British submarine HMS Conqueror sank the Argentinian cruiser ARA Admiral Belgrano. It was the first and only sinking of a warship during wartime by a nuclear-powered submarine...
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