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  1. Submarine_Stealth

    Stealth: Raft Mountings in submarines
    In submarine warfare stealth means quietness. During much of the Cold War US and British submarines had a material advantage over their Russian counterparts because of the attention paid to quieting. One of the ways this is achieved is by mounting machinery on noise-absorbent materials to prevent noise being transferred to the hull and from there into the water around the boat – this is termed raft mounting...
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  2. Lazurit_Rescue_Sub

    Unbuilt Russian rescue submarine to replace INDIA Class
    Flag Russian design bureau Lazurit (Лазурит) may be pitching for a new role for their SIERRA Class attack submarines which were built during the Cold War...
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  3. Russian_Arctic_update2

    New info on Pr-09852 Belgorod submarine and Arctic plans
    Flag Less than a week after Russia unveiled its new arctic base on Alexandra Island in the Arctic Circle, Russian media have begun reporting on the future launch of the Project 09852 Belgorod submarine. The headline fact is that she will be the largest (or at least o=longest) submarine in in the world, at 184m. This is thanks to a 30m hull insert which allows her to accommodate the relatively large Losharik deep sea submersible (AGS). However, her size isn’t the real headline here….
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  4. NK_Navy_threat2017

    North Korean Navy threat to USS Carl Vinson's Strike Group
    Flag Flag The USS Carl Vinson is sailing back towards the Korean Peninsula. The message is clear: that the same type of military action metered out to Assad could be on the cards for North Korea in response to its nuclear weapons program. The US Pacific Command described the deployment as ”a prudent measure to maintain readiness in the region.” President Trump has said the US is prepared to act alone to deal with the nuclear threat from North Korea.

    This quick analysis will explore the potential threat that the North Korean Navy could pose to the battle group...
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  5. Husky_SSN

    HUSKY: Russia's Next Generation Attack Submarine
    Flag Article tracking development of the next generation Russian attack submarine to supersede the AKULA and YASEN Classes... Read More >....

  6. Russian_Arctic_Update

    Russian shipbuilder proposes range of arctic projects
    Flag An exhibition in Arkhangelsk, Russia, called Arctic – Territory Dialogue (Арктика - территория диалога) reveals some of the proposed civilian applications for Russia’s deep sea engineering and Autonomous Nuclear Power Plants. Shipbuilder USC and famous design bureau Rubin showed models of a nuclear-powered under-ice oil or gas drilling platform called Iceberg. The submarines are of special interest, and the topic is related to naval projects under the icecap... Read More >....

  7. USN_Diesel-Sub

    An independent case for the US Navy to return to diesel-electric submarines
    Opinion piece with a ronin research approach - Alternative title Diesel Boats forever tomorrow
    Flag With nearly 80 submarines, the US Navy is without question the most powerful submarine force on the planet. Since the late 1950s US Navy submarine building has been almost exclusively focused on nuclear powered designs. The last diesel powered front line boat was decommissioned in 1990. Since then there have been several voices calling for the Submarine Force to have at least some diesel-boats on hand. This article takes the form of ronin research which is masterless, and therefore free to challenge the conventional thinking on this topic, and highlight emerging capabilities which are beyond the scope of current planning... Read More >....

  8. Houthi_mines_in_Red_Sea

    New threat to international shipping in Red Sea
    Images have just surfaced (Twitter) of the type of mine laid by retreating Houthi rebels in Midi, Yemen. At the same time reports are coming out in Arab media that the Saudi Navy has disarmed some sea mines in the Red Sea (Alarabiya). It is possible that the two sources are reporting the same mines. The improvised weapons appear to be of the floating type with contact detonators. Although they appear basic, they are a significant threat to merchant shipping using the busy Red Sea route... Read More >....

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