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  1. US-Navy-601B-Nuclear-power-pod-for-Submarines

    Nuclear power pod concept for submarines (US Navy, 1961)
    In the early 1960s General Electric (GE) proposed a podded nuclear power system for submarines and surface ships. These outboard motors were termed it a nuclear power package...

  2. The REAL Red October - Typhoon SSBN

    Updated, originally posted 14th Sept 2014
    Flag Not content to rain death and destruction from the skies with his bombers, mankind invented I.C.B.Ms which could be hidden beneath the waves in giant submarines. For a time these sea monsters roamed the world's oceans ensuring an uneasy peace. But mankind was made up of two opposing factions who sought advantage over each other. One was called the Soviet Union and was led by a man named Leonid Brezhnev who learned through his spies that his submarines were not as good as his enemy's. Paranoid and distraught, he sought a way to regain a mad equilibrium. And so he built even bigger sea monsters which could live under the polar ice caps where they were safe from his enemies' hunter-killers. He called these new submarines the TYPHOON

  3. Seismic_Survey_Sub

    Updated with Cutaway. Originally posted May 21 2017
    Russian Seismic Survey Submarine for Arctic Operations
    Flag This is a unique submarine concept developed by the Rubin design bureau. It is designed to conduct sub-bottom surveys using very low frequency active sonar which can penetrate the sea floor...
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  4. Akademik-Aleksandrov

    Pr.20183 Akademik Aleksandrov connected to Poseidon/Skif project
    Flag Sometimes valuable military intelligence is hiding in plain sight. A Russian media report shared to YouTube in June 2019 (now removed) appears to have shown 2М39 Poseidon aboard Akademik Aleksandrov... Read More >....

  5. Manta-U-Boat-of-World-War-Two

    Manta high-speed hydrofoil midget submarine, Germany, 1944
    Untersee-Gleitflächen-Schnellboot Manta
    As the situation in Europe worsened for Nazi Germany during World War Two, the Kriegsmarine turned to ever more desperate ideas...

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  6. Interview-in-The-Diplomat

    Interview in The Diplomat
    H.I. Sutton on the Future of Underwater Warfare in the Indo-Pacific Region. What are some of the future strategic and technological challenges to submarine forces in the region?...

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