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  1. Secret History - the Soviet submarine gap

    Originally posted 13tth Dec 2014.

    Updated with infor from CIA CREST archives.

    Flag Flag Flag After WW2 those with Top Secret clearances in UK and US were concerned that Russia was building a fleet of midget submarines which could deal a deadly blow to NATO navies in the opening moments of World War Three. Declassified documents found in the National Archives (UK) and CIA FOIA Reading Room (US) shed interesting light on these fears.


  2. SubSkimmer

    Flag The SubSkimmer is possibly one of the most innovative underwater craft ever designed for the infiltration of Special Forces. It combines the characteristics of a rigid-inflatable (RIB) with an underwater scooter and is better understood as a submersible boat rather than a typical Swimmer Delivery vehicle (SDV). First built in the early 1980s, it has been widely exported and version are still in production today..... Read More >....

  3. Nuclear Missile Submarines

    First posted 18th June 2016. Flag Flag Flag Flag Flag + Flag Flag Flag Flag The dynamics of at-sea nuclear deterrence have completely changed since the end of the Cold War. In those 25 years the total number of active ballistic missile submarines has more than halved, but three additional countries have joined the club.... Read More >....

  4. The REAL Red October - Typhoon SSBN

    Updated, originally posted 14th Sept 2014
    Flag Not content to rain death and destruction from the skies with his bombers, mankind invented I.C.B.Ms which could be hidden beneath the waves in giant submarines. For a time these sea monsters roamed the world's oceans ensuring an uneasy peace. But mankind was made up of two opposing factions who sought advantage over each other. One was called the Soviet Union and was led by a man named Leonid Brezhnev who learned through his spies that his submarines were not as good as his enemy's. Paranoid and distraught, he sought a way to regain a mad equilibrium. And so he built even bigger sea monsters which could live under the polar ice caps where they were safe from his enemies' hunter-killers. He called these new submarines the TYPHOON

  5. Analysis - Russian Status-6 aka KANYON nuclear deterrence and Pr 09851 submarine

    Originally posted 20th Nov 2015
    KANYON (Status-6) strategic weapon
    The leaking of the Status-6 (‘KANYON’) strategic nuclear torpedo on Russian TV on 9th November 2015 was met by many in the West with incredulity. However the fact remains that the weapon was not unexpected among the few observers watching the development of certain large submarines by Russia. We knew that Russia was developing an over-sized forward firing weapon because of the Sarov submarine (see old COVERT SHORES article). And the project 09851 Khabarovsk and Project 09852 Belgorod were being followed and talked of as probable launch platforms for a new weapon. And the KANYON system had been revealed in Western Media two month earlier, citing Pentagon sources. Most recently the same media source has claimed that the weapon has been test fired from Sarov. Read More >....

  6. Euronaut

    Euronaut: a 'proper' garage-built midget submarine
    There are only handful of civilian submersibles which are in any respect comparable to military midget subs. The architects and builders of these projects deserve the greatest respect and secret envy. The Euronaut, which has been built for wreck diving, is an incredible example of this rare breed.

  7. SAROV-Class_Submarine

    First posted 9th Sept 2014.
    Sarov Class submarine demystified
    The Project 20120 Sarov Class submarine is critical to Russia’s development of the new KANYON (Status-6) nuclear armed nuclear powered strategic weapon. This submarine has kept analysts guessing. Trying to decipher her unique form and curious appendages merely adds to the mystery. She is a boat which is not well documented, and many illustrations of her turn out to be quite misleading. The same can be said of much of the early analysis which still affects write-ups on the subject.

  8. Dec2016

    Sub-surface news from Russia
    Several interesting news topics from Russia: test firing of KANYON (Status-6) strategic nuclear torpedo; new ‘Surrogate’ ‘decepticon’ UUV revealed, MAKO Penguin anti-diver UUV; Yantar spy ship loitering in Med again. Read More >....

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