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  1. DGSE_SDVs

    French Secret Intelligence Agency's unknown minisubs
    Flag The World’s national intelligence agencies rarely reveal their submarines. France’s DGSE (Direction générale de la sécurité extérieure - English: General Directorate for External Security), equivalent of the CIA and MI6, is unusual in having its own pool of combat swimmers (Nageur de combat). As well as having access to French Special Forces’ Swimmer Delivery Vehicles (SDVs) they have been equipped with their own unique lineage of SDVs.
    ... Read More >....

  2. South African Riverine Assault Boat

    Originally posted 5th September 2016
    Flag Images have emerged of the new South African riverine assault boat in service. Two boats were acquired under Project Carol, joining the SA Navy MRS Operational Boat Division... Read More >....

  3. Explosive_boats

    A brief history of Explosive Boats
    Flag Flag Flag Flag Flag Flag Flag Flag
    The recent attack on a Saudi frigate off Yemen by Houti rebels using a remote controlled explosive boat brings these craft into focus. There have been a lot of different explosive boats developed over the years although few are well known. They are not only used by non-State actors and their history is actually closely intertwined with the minisubs used by Naval Special Forces... Read More >....

  4. Taiwanese_midget_sub

    Taiwanese 130 ton Special Forces midget submarine design
    The recent uncertainty of US foreign policy regarding the sovereignty of Taiwan (Republic of China) reminds us the Taiwanese Navy’s embattled acquisition program. In 2014 the HARD ROC 2.0 report by the US Strategic and Budget Assessment Center recommended that Taiwan instead concentrate on building a large fleet of some 42 midget submarines. This 350 ton design is most likely in response to this.... Read More >....

  5. SEALION and Alligator stealth boats

    SEALION Combatant Craft Heavy (CCH)
    Flag FlagVarious ‘stealth boats’ have been trailed by Naval Special Warfare (NSW, now part of USSOCOM) for use by the Special Boats Units and SEALs. Although always under the radar, several types have been noticed by bystanders over the years. More recently USSOCOM has sought to operationalize the SEALION family of semi-submersible ‘stealth boats’ as the Combatant Craft Heavy. This article builds on the popular post on the old Covert Shores Blog.Read More >....

  6. Pr617_AIP_submarine

    Russia's forgotten high-speed AIP submarine
    Flag When in May 1958 CIA intelligence analysts poured over a set of spy photographs of Soviet submarine construction they noticed that one submarine was different to the rest. They soon realized that they were dealing with an entirely new class of submarine. What was undetectable in the photo was that it was equipped with Air Independent Propulsion (AIP)... Read More

  7. Norway_Type-212

    Norway selects German Type-212 submarine
    Flag In a surprise move, Norway has stopped its submarine selection competition and selected a German Type-212 derived design offered by Thyssen Krupp Marine Systems (TKMS)... Read More >....

  8. CosMoS CE4F SDV

    Revealed: Turkey's secret Italian SDV
    CE4F article originally posted 22nd July 2016. Info on Turkey added 29th Jan 2017
    Flag Flag The CE4F was the last and most secret Swimmer Delivery Vehicle (SDV) built by the famed manufacturer Cos.Mo.S based in Livorno, Italy. The original customer, and only known operator, was the Turkish SAT (Su Altı Taarruz) Special Forces.... Read More >....

  9. Cold War Intelligence Doc

    Analysis of Soviet Cold War Intelligence document on Naval Special Forces
    Organizing Combat Against Underwater Sabotage Forces and Means in Naval Theaters
    FlagFlag This is an analysis of a document found on the CIA Records Search Tool (CREST) (here) which is in fact an American translation of a secret Russian document originally dating from 1965. The original document was part of the SECRET Russian Defense Ministry Publication Collection of Articles of the Journal ‘Military Thought’. The translation was circulated within the CIA in 1978 as part of the Military Thought (USSR) series of Top Secret briefings. In the document (direct link), its author Capt. G Ditskiy describes the past and present (as-of 1965) combat swimmer operations and technology, and lays out that countering these forces is critically important in wartime. He also points out the key weaknesses of Soviet capabilities as he saw them..... Read More >....

  10. Secret History - the Soviet submarine gap

    Originally posted 13tth Dec 2014.

    Updated with infor from CIA CREST archives.

    Flag Flag Flag After WW2 those with Top Secret clearances in UK and US were concerned that Russia was building a fleet of midget submarines which could deal a deadly blow to NATO navies in the opening moments of World War Three. Declassified documents found in the National Archives (UK) and CIA FOIA Reading Room (US) shed interesting light on these fears.


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