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  1. Newsflash-KANYON

    Newsflash: KANYON
    An unclassified Nuclear Posture Review document revealed by the Huffington Post contains a tiny reference which confirms the seriousness given to the KANYON nuclear-armed nuclear-powered torpedo.
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  2. Iran_Chariot

    Iranian e-Ghavasi Human Torpedo
    Flag This enigmatic ‘Swimmer Delivery Vehicle’ developed by Iran takes the term ‘human torpedo’ to the extreme; it is based on a 533mm (21”) heavyweight torpedo with the pilot laying prone in the nose.... Read More >....

  3. Yugo_X-Craft

    Yugoslavian X-Craft: R-3E
    Flag Flag Yugoslavia gained a reputation for special forces crat, chief among which was the R-3E X-craft. Developed in the Cold War it was in many respects ahead of its time as a dry-SDV....
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  4. Time_Lapse

    Time lapse video of Submarine Cutaway in MS Paint
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  5. Undersea_Cables

    Updated: DG-450 and DG-350 added. Originally posted 10th June 2017.
    Russian capabilities against undersea cables
    Flag A recently published article by British Member of Parliament Rishi Sunak shows the growing awareness of a new fundamental weakness of NATO countries (and many other countries around the world). The concern is that an adversary could gain a strategic advantage by interrupting internet and telecommunications between countries at a critical moment by attacking the numerous Submarine Communications Cables (SCC) which litter the sea floor between countries. The ground truth of this new naval arena clearly favors Russia both in terms of naval investment and the circumstances of geography.

    This article summarizes my own thoughts and analysis on the topic.

    Corrections and comments welcome.

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  6. DRASS

    Updated: DG-450 and DG-350 added. Originally posted 10th June 2017.
    Drass SDVs and midget submarines
    Flag The secrecy surrounding Italian Swimmer Delivery Vehicle (SDV) manufacture is legendary. Drass are an established name in the defense industry, supplying hyperbaric chambers for diver decompression, but are less open about their SDVs...
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  7. Borei-A

    Updated. Originally posted 17th Nov. 2017
    Prince Vladimir: Russia's first pr.955A Borei-II SSBN
    Flag The Russian Navy recently launched its 4th Pr.0955 BOERI Class ballistic missile submarine (SSBN), Prince Vladimir (Князь Владимир). It was the first of the improved Pr.0955A (aka 09552)BOREI-II sub-variant.... Read More >....

  8. ARA_San_Juan

    The sense of loss when a submarine is lost during peace time transcends national boundaries and politics. Submariners have a sense of community so it is no surprise that, absent any suitable charity appeals already being established by others, a former submariner has taken it upon himself to organize one. Details yet to be published.

    Watch Twitter or Reddit for details on how to donate.

    I have agreed to donate signed copies of WORLD SUBMARINES: Covert Shores Recognition Guide for larger donations – see above links for details of this and other offers.... Read More >....

  9. SSNs

    World SSNs

    This graphic is compiled from some of the graphics in the WORLD SUBMARINES book. I included all SSN classes currently in service, plus the French Suffren Class (Barracuda) and Brazilian Álvaro Alberto Classes which are not yet in service. India also operates a single AKULA SSN on lease from Russia.

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