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  1. USS_X1

    USS X1 X-Craft
    Flag The X-1 is a very interesting yet often overlooked deviation in the US Navy’s submarine history... Read More >....

  2. World_Submarines

    New book out Now
    World Submarines
    Covert Shores Recognition Guide

    The latest Covert Shores book has hit Amazon!

    The book is a large format, all-color recognition guide to ALL the submarines currently in service around the world plus those which will enter service in coming years.

    There are over 80 Classes/families of submarine covered, including the obscure types often overlooked elsewhere.

    My co-author is C Edward Davis, a keen submarine researcher as well as an excellent fiction and non-fiction writer.

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  3. Ortega_SDV

    News: Ortega show off latest Mk.1C SDV
    Ortega Submersibles, the Dutch SDV manufacturer, have uploaded a new video of the Mk.1C three-man SDV prototype being put through its paces. It's a gorgeous submersible canoe inspired by the WW2 British Sleeping Beauty. Read More >....

  4. North_Korean_Corvette

    North Korean Stealth Warship has vintage weapons
    I do not like sensationalist headlines but this is a turnup for the books. And it might be telling of the precarious state of North Korean naval modernization. New photos of one of the most modern North Korean warships shows that its main gun is a vintage 85mm gun.... Read More >....

  5. Cold_War_Rec

    I got this quiz idea while preparing recognition silhouettes for my submarine new book. Take the quiz!

  6. Uboat_XXIXH

    Type-XXIX-H stealth U-boat design, 1944
    This unbuilt design was intended to replace the ubiquitous Type-VIIC U-Boat family. It was conceived as a relatively modest design, albeit incorporating the latest thinking, and yet it was the first submarine to incororate sonar stealth shaping as part of its core design...
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    Nautiraid High Pressure Commando Mk.1
    Flag This is a unique submarine concept developed by the Rubin design bureau. It is designed to conduct sub-bottom surveys using very low frequency active sonar which can penetrate the sea floor...
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  8. DGS-888

    Brazilian DGS-888 Raptor riverine craft
    Flag The Brazilian armed forces have recently published images showing the new type in service with the Marines for interception, patrol and light troop transportation in the Amazon.
    .... Read More >....

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