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  1. USN_Diesel-Sub

    An independent case for the US Navy to return to diesel-electric submarines
    Opinion piece with a ronin research approach - Alternative title Diesel Boats forever tomorrow
    Flag With nearly 80 submarines, the US Navy is without question the most powerful submarine force on the planet. Since the late 1950s US Navy submarine building has been almost exclusively focused on nuclear powered designs. The last diesel powered front line boat was decommissioned in 1990. Since then there have been several voices calling for the Submarine Force to have at least some diesel-boats on hand. This article takes the form of ronin research which is masterless, and therefore free to challenge the conventional thinking on this topic, and highlight emerging capabilities which are beyond the scope of current planning... Read More >....

  2. Houthi_mines_in_Red_Sea

    New threat to international shipping in Red Sea
    Images have just surfaced (Twitter) of the type of mine laid by retreating Houthi rebels in Midi, Yemen. At the same time reports are coming out in Arab media that the Saudi Navy has disarmed some sea mines in the Red Sea (Alarabiya). It is possible that the two sources are reporting the same mines. The improvised weapons appear to be of the floating type with contact detonators. Although they appear basic, they are a significant threat to merchant shipping using the busy Red Sea route... Read More >....

  3. North_Korean_Submarines

    Guide to the North Korean Navy's submarine capabilities
    Flag With approximately 70 boats North Korea has the second or third largest fleet of submarines in the world, after only the United States and possibly China. And while the submarines themselves may be small or antiquated, the men who man them have a proven track record of loyalty, discipline, basic naval competence and aggressive leadership.
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  4. NR-1

    The US Navy's nuclear powered midget submarine: NR-1
    Flag At barely 40 meters (130ft) the NR-1 (Navy Reactors-1) was a midget submarine by US Navy standards. It was by far the smallest nuclear powered submarine in the world when she was launched on 25th January 1969. A special mission spy submarine, she was built under the guise of research, oceanography and later deep sea rescue in great secrecy in the same shed where the first nuclear submarine, USS Nautilus, had been.
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  5. CIA_Water-Air_1958

    Overview of CIA Water-Air Division equipment, 1958
    This is a summary and analysis of a CIA booklet from 1958 (now declassified with redaction) covering ”Equipment and/or Test Reports Available for Operational use or Planning”. It was compiled by the CIA Water-Air Division who were the Cold War evolution of the Wartime OSS Maritime Unit. Read More >....

  6. Rotinor BlackShadow and Divejet DPVs

    Rotinor's Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPVs) are widely used within the Special Forces community and represent a major player in the market. Although innovative and high-tech, these craft represent rapidly maturing technology and are noted for the high underwater speed. Read More >....

  7. Spy Subs - X-RAY

    Russian X-RAY Class Special Mission submarine Flag
    The Russian Project 1851 Nelma class (NATO: X-RAY class) midget submarine is shrouded in secrecy. Read More >....

  8. Swedish_Sub_Incursions_RYAN

    Swedish news article on Cold War imcursions
    Flag Flag This morning’s Blekinge Lans Tidning (BLT) newspaper ran a story on the Swedish Cold War submarine Incursions. Retired Naval Officer Nils-Ove Jansson drew parallels to when Soviet Spetsnaz combat swimmers came ashore in Sweden to reconnoiter the placing of nuclear mines (allegedly). An interesting article in a few ways... Read More >....

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