New Croatian midget sub - Drakon 220

![Drakon 220](/images/Yugo_Dragon_show1.jpg
The Drakon (Dragon) 220 is a new midget submarine developed by Adria-Mar in Croatia. It is 50% longer and twice as heavy as the R-3E (aka Una class) which allows it to carry two torpedo tubes under the casing and accommodate a diesel-electric powerplant for a ten-fold increase in range. It retains the characteristic X-form control surfaces but has a new distinctive vertical bow to house the larger sonar and torpedo tubes, plus a fixed sail with integral diesel exhaust. Special forces optimisation remains per the R-3E.
Drakon 220
Drakon 220

Length: 30.27 meters
Beam: 3.6m meter
Displacement: 220 tons surfaced, 255tns submerged
Speed: Maximum 10.2 kts, minimum 2kts with rudders functioning
Operating depth: 150m
Endurance (without surfacing): 280nm at cruising speed of 3kts, 31nm at 10.2kts (with 20% battery reserve). 3000nm patrol or up to 14 days
Armament: 2 x 533mm (21") torpedo tubes.
SDVs: 4 x Diver Propulsion Devices (e.g. R-1 scooters) carried externally under casing Crew: 9
Special Forces: 4

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