New Russian naval weapon - Status-6

Flag Status-6, KANYON and pr.09851
Russian news sources 'leak' Status-6 nuclear Torpedo with special purpose submarines details.

The new system is described as achieving "the defeat of the important economic facilities of the enemy in the vicinity of the coast and causing assured unacceptable damage to the country through the establishment of zones of extensive radioactive contamination, unsuitable for implementation in these areas of military, economic, business or other activity for a long time".

It seems likely that Status-6 is either one-and-the-same as, or related to, the reported KANYON unmanned nuclear 'submarine'.

The leak occurred at meeting between defense chiefs and President Putin in Sochi on 9th November 2015. Media attention has been on the torpedo itself, but the secretive submarines shown are particularly interesting for naval watchers as there had been a lot of quiet speculation surrounding their purpose.

Previous images have only hinted at the submarines' status and overall configuration, particularly of the pr.09851 Khabarovsk. What is known is that it is a nuclear sub designed by the Rubin design institute. She is thought to be a deep diving boat similar to the Losharik and earlier UNIFORM types, but incorporating new weapons (now 'Status-6') tested on SAROV.

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Status-6 was likely tested on the SAROV submarine.

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Sarov in dry dock

There is no surprise that a pr.20180 Asterisk midget sub mothership is shown, as they are already associated with KANYON and other special purpose submarine operations:
pr.20180 asterisk
pr.20180 asterisk

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