Vogo Chariot SDVs

History: Cos.Mo.S and WooJungSa SDVs in ROKN Service
In the 1980s the South Korean government acquired seven midget submarines from the famous Cos.Mo.S manufacturer (Livorno, Italy). Details of the deal are not publicly known but they came with SDVs to allow the employment of UDT (Underwater Demolition Team) and SEALs, particularly in the anti-ship role, attacking targets in port. Each submarine can carry two of the SDVs on their lower hull. Only one photo of the SDVs is in the public domain (see below) but it reveals that they were of the CE2F-X100 type.
cosmos Cos.Mo.S CE2F-X100
Left: South Korean UDT with a Cos.Mo.S CE2F-X100 SDV Top right: CE2F series SDV Bottom right: South Korean UDT / SEALs badge
cosmos Cos.Mo.S CE2F-X100
File image of CE2F-X100 used by Vogo engineering with an array of mines. The mini-torpedoes were designed for anti-diver/SDV operations and are not likely to have entered Korean service
south Korean midget submarine Cosmos
South Korean operated midget submarine of the type which can carry the SDVs

South Korea also operate a three-man version of the Cos.Mo.S chariot, the CE3F:
Woojungsa was one of several local companies involved in the supply of Cos.Mo.S craft in South Korea. With the boat building arm of Woojungsa rebranded Vogo Engineering in the early 2000's the firm set out a broad range of small boats and underwater vehicles for Special Forces. Initially the firm advertised the Cos.Mo.S chariots, but the Italian firm’s closure led to the development of SDVs in-house.

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Vogo SDV-300
Although clearly benefiting from the Cos.Mo.S experience, the company's SDV-300 (c2002) was a totally new design optimized for Korean requirements. Outwardly the CE3F chariot layout was retained with the crew sitting in line-astern but the cockpit fairing and covers were completely redesigned with the cockpits placed closer together with the framed canopies sliding forward and aft. Importantly the crew sat closer together with the ballast system arranged fore and aft rather than between the cockpits. A more subtle change was the hull sections were redesigned (partly reflecting more compact battery technology) and the onboard air supply moved from a belly pan into the main hull. This meant that although three crew could be carried, the craft was only fractionally longer than the original CE2F. The keel charge carrying position was also removed meaning that the height was reduced by 0.25m although this is not noticeable above the waterline.
Vogo Woojunsa SDV-300 SDV
The ROKN UDT/SEALs operate this SDV with reports of two SDVs in 2003-5 time-frame.

Length: 7.66m
Hull Diameter: 0.80m
Height: 1.24m
Displacement: 2,345kg
Operating depth: 30m
Speed: 5.5kts (max), 4.16kt (cruise)
Range(Cruise Speed): 45nm
Crew: 3(2 Divers)
Control Mode: GPS. OAS, Echo Sounder, Elec. compass for Navigation, Platform Control, Way point Platform Situation, Memo, Comms Vogo Woojunsa SDV-300 SDV
Vogo Woojunsa SDV-300 SDV

Vogo SDV-340
The SDV-340 was a further development of the SDV-300 and has been developed since c2009. It's main feature is a revised control configuration with a steerable shrouded propeller at the rear and forward hydroplanes added just in front of the cockpit. It also features improved batteries and electronics. Unlike other SDVs were these can be removed by hand prior for attaching the SDV to a mother submarine, on the SDV-340 they fold upwards.
Vogo Woojunsa SDV-340 SDV

Length: 7.9m
Hull Diameter: 0.80m
Height: 1.20m
Displacement: TBC
Operating depth: 30m
Speed: 5kts+ (max)
Range(Cruise Speed of 3.5kts): 45nm
Crew: 3(2 Divers)
Vogo Woojunsa SDV-340 SDV
Vogo Woojunsa SDV-340 SDV

Link to Manufacturer's website: Vogo Engineering

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