Worlds smallest ballistic missile sub

This recently leaked photograph is reported to show Cop-Sub's (Copenhagen Sub-Orbitals') midget submarine UC3 Nautilus in 'dry dock'. The image is dated November 2014.
covert photo
Source: HERE

The submarine is reported to be just 17.7m long and can be equipped with a single rocket.


file photo

Recent satellite and aerial reconnaissance has revealed the test site. It is believed that the increased Russian air activity over the Baltic is an attempt to photograph this site:
Sat imagery
fast jet pass

The secret base is equipped with a large test stand, a tell-tale sign of rocket development:
Test stand

Evidence of alien contact; workers decontaminate a rocket which may have come into contact space dust: NBC

This undated photograph, previously thought to show remains from the Roswell Fjord incident at Area-51, is now known to be in a hanger at the Cop-Subs site: Area-51, Roswell Fjord

Attempts to keep the project secret have so far failed. Rocket tests out to sea have been widely reported in local media.


There are fears that the rocket could be combined with Sweden's MEATBALLS (MIRVs) to create a truly devastating weapon.

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