COVERT SHORES is a website and Book about Naval Special Forces (SEALs, SBS....) and the underwater craft they use.


  1. To document the secret history of Swimmer Delivery Vehicles (SDVs), midget subs and similar craft
  2. To show these craft's proper place in Cold War history
  3. To demystify the technology, design, operation and history of these craft
  4. To promote an interest in SDVs, midget subs, special mission subs, military canoes and similar craft
  5. To encourage others to share what they know on the subject

It is also a place where I can share my illustrations and web articles about all things military. For the most part this will be about regular submarines as the boo project is consuming all the Special Forces stuff!


Polish FORMOZA divers cross the beach - credit Peter, WorldArmies

To volunteer information, corrections or feedback please do not hesitate to contact me on hisutton.author@gmail.com

The ultimate book of Special Forces subs Covert Shores 2nd Edition is the ONLY world history of naval Special Forces, their missions and their specialist vehicles. SEALs, SBS, COMSUBIN, Sh-13, Spetsnaz, Kampfschwimmers, Commando Hubert, 4RR and many more.
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