Photos of elusive Korean SDV

Flag Flag Fresh photos of a well-kept secret, the South Korean CE3F three-man SDV.

A three-man derivative of the CE2F, this type is only known to have been supplied to South Korea where it complemented earlier CE2F deliveries. It is possible that all or some of the construction took place locally. The craft is possibly also known as the X-1 SDV. Relatively little is known about this type but it is easily recognized by the lattice cover over the perspex canopies.

Vogo Woojunsa chariot SDV

Length: 8.1m (versus 7.6m for CE2F)
Hull Diameter: 0.80m (same as CE2F)
Height: 1.5m (same as CE2F)
Displacement: 3,100kg
Operating depth: 30m
Speed: 5kts (max), 3.5kts (cruise)
Range(Cruise Speed): TBC (35-45nm)
Crew: 3(2 Divers)
Control Mode: GPS. OAS, Echo Sounder, Elec. compass for Navigation Platform Control, Way point Platform Situation, Memo, Comms

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Older images only showed the canopy section:
CE3F chariot SDV
CE3F chariot SDV

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