Submarine Misinformation: False Reports Of Russian Sub In Mediterranean

Submarine Misinformation: False Reports Of Russian Sub In Mediterranean

Flag Russia Russian media has reported that the country's only LADA Class submarine, Sankt Peterburg (B-585) has deployed to the Mediterranean. This appears to be incorrect. The submarine is instead believed to be in Kronstadt in the Baltic.
Russian Submarine
One of a set of photographs showing Sankt Peterburg (B-585) in Kronstadt, widely shared online on Feb 4. Note that this photo is undated and is only to illustrate the submarine.

The submarine's presence in the Mediterranean would be newsworthy. But it appears incorrect, and possibly deliberate misinformation at some point in the chain.

Russian outlet Izvestia reported (in Russian that:

"The submarine "St. Petersburg" entered the Mediterranean Sea as part of large-scale exercises of the Russian Navy. Together with a detachment of ships of the Northern Fleet, she will take part in maneuvers in conditions “close to combat.”

The article cited unnamed "sources in the Russian defense department". Make of that what you will.

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To exit the Baltic the submarine would be supposed to transit on the surface between Denmark and Sweden. This goes for both the Great Baelt and the Oresund routes. These shipping lanes are heavily monitored.

One explanation may be that the submarine will, in future, deploy to the Mediterranean.

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