Turkey To Go Its Own Way With Submarines LINK
Oct 20, 2019. Turkey operates the second-largest submarine fleet in NATO. Currently all the boats are imported designs, but that is set to change.

Problem For Russian Navy Missile Submarine LINK
Oct 22, 2019. The missile was fired by the Russia Navy’s last remaining Delta-III type ballistic missile submarine, K-44 Ryazan. The high-profile tests, part of a nationwide Thunder-2019 nuclear drill were watched over by President Putin.

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Russian Submarine May Test New Weapons Off Norway This Week LINK
Oct 26, 2019. We do not yet know which weapons are involved, but one possibility is that they may have been upgraded to launch the Kalibr cruise missile.

New Submarine Killing Autonomous Underwater Drone LINK
Oct 27, 2019. The South Korean Navy unveiled a model of a groundbreaking anti-submarine unmanned underwater vehicle at a defense show that it says will hit the water next year.

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New Russian Submarine May Face Final Test This Week LINK
Oct 29, 2019. OSINT suggests that Russia’s newest strategic submarine, Knyaz Vladimir, will conduct its first missile launch this week. Its class will significantly modernize the Russian strategic submarine fleet.

First Navy Submarine Resupplied By Commercial Drone LINK
Oct 29, 2019. It was only a matter of time before somebody thought of this. Earlier this month a small drone of the type used for delivering packages resupplied a U.S. Navy submarine. The use of drones by submarines is only going to increase.

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