Cellula's Solus-XR XLUUV Hits The Water

Cellula Solus-XR XLUUV

Cellula's Solus-XR XLUUV Hits The Water

Flag The first images of Cellula's new autonomous underwater vehicle in the water have surfaced. The Canadian company's Solus-XR is a long-range extra-large uncrewed underwater vehicle (XLUUV).

The Solus-XR achieves it's impressive 2,700 nautical mile range by Cellula's hydrogen fuel cell propulsion. This has been proven in the company's Solus-LR vehicle. It also has a significant payload capability. The company advertises its roles as anti-submarine warfare (ASW), payload delivery, rapid environmental assessment and mine countermeasures.

Cellula Solus-XR XLUUV
The Solus-XR under construction. The chassis allows for a large payload bay.

Length: 12 meters
Cross-section: 1.7 x 1.7 meters
Displacement: 25,500 kg
Range: 2,700 nautical miles (5,000 kilometers) over 45 days
Maximum Speed: 8 knots
Transport: Standard ISO 40’ container

Royal Navy: Project CHARYBDIS

Cellula has been selected as part of the British project CHARYBDIS investigating systems and technologies relevant to persistent, deployable, uncrewed anti-submarine warfare (ASW) capability. The project is led by the Submarine Delivery Agency Autonomy Unit (SDA-AU) on behalf of Navy Develop. Few details are available.
Cellula Solus-XR XLUUV
Cellula Solus-XR XLUUV

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