Seen For First Time : North Korea's Largest Submarine Launched Missile

North Korean Submarine Launched Missile

Seen For First Time : North Korea's Largest Submarine Launched Missile

Flag North Korea The days when observers mocked North Korean missile capabilities feel long gone.

The latest military parade in the North Korean capital, marking the 90th anniversary of the army’s founding, showcased yet another new missile. This is becoming a habit, with the hermit kingdom keen to show continuous progress in its weapons programs. This year is overshadowed by events in Ukraine, but the North Koreans put on the show.

The missile is clearly based on the Pukguksong family, so may be the -6 or -7 version. It is larger however and appears to have new rocket motor sections.

CLICK to Enlarge. Original artwork.

If these rockets get any bigger, they are going to need a bigger truck to parade them on.

Kim Jong-un uniform
Kim Jong-un wore a military uniform for the occasion.

North Korean Submarine Launched Missile
These missiles were paraded immediately before the new SLBM. They resemble the smaller SLBM showcases in October 2021. Note however that the uniforms of the crews did not match the larger SLBMs.

North Korean army tractors
In the past the North Korean parades have included tractors (seen here). They may have missed a propaganda trick this year.

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