Norway selects German Type-212 submarine
Type 212 submarine

In a surprise move, Norway has stopped its submarine selection competition and selected a German Type-212 derived design offered by Thyssen Krupp Marine Systems (TKMS). The selection is likely economical as Germany has agreed to order two more of the class (or similar Type-212) to reduce costs, and Netherlands and Poland may also join the scheme.

It will be the third TKMS designed submarine to operate with the Norwegian navy, replacing the Ula Class which was preceded by the Kobben (Type-207) Class. The Type-212 is currently only operated by Germany where it is sometimes known as U-212 Class, and Italy where it is known as the Todaro Class. It is a relatively small submarine well suited to inshore missions along the Norwegian coast but not best suited to under-ice operations. It has Air Independent Power (AIP) using two HDW/Siemens PEM fuel cells each with 120 kW.

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Ula submarine
Ula submarine
Ula Class submarine

Scorpène-class submarine
French submarine builder DCNS lost out to TKMS. The French design was to be based on the Scorpène Class.

Type 212:
Type 212 submarine
Type 212 submarine
Type 212 submarine

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