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Submarines AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit
The submarine world is one of the most unseen, unforgiving, classified, ground breaking and tight knit communities on the planet. We discover new life on almost every dedicated dive, explore the most dangerous places on Earth and even research the origin of life. Some of us live a life (akin to high security prisoners) hundreds of feet underwater, loaded with more firepower than all the WWII explosives combined, powered by a fission reactor, tasked with deterring species ending war... all while being endlessly hunted like an underwater trophy kill.

A vast majority of the submarine culture nurtures mis/disinformation. All aspects of the military and civilian culture have their own secrets. This AMA is dedicated to providing a means to ask questions in a manner that is safe and comfortable for all parties.

Operational security (OPSEC) is going to be maintained at the highest level to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Questions involving classified information will not be answered. I apologize before hand if your question doesn't get answered. Simple questions like "How deep can you dive?" or "How fast can you go underwater?" are usually classified. We get questioned about classified material all the time so don't hesitate to ask us anything. Everyone cleared to work with classified information is trained on how to deal with questions. The panel will answer questions as they see fit and follow any procedures required of them.


/u/SubResqPilot - US Submarine Rescue Team "Falcon-1" ROV Pilot
/u/JoshDean66 - Josh Dean - Author of "The Taking of K-129". Writer for GQ, Mens Health, PopSci, Bloomberg, Task & Purpose, and Esquire
/u/ScrappyPunkGreg - Greg M. Krsak - US Veteran MT2/SS - Trident D5 Strategic Weapons System, USS Kentucky (SSBN 737 GOLD) and USS Alaska (SSBN 732 BLUE)
/u/OceanGateInc - CEO Stockton Rush and Marketing Manager Dana Hall - OceanGate Inc. - Subaquatic Exploration - Currently testing their "Titan" submersible down to 4000 meters with the 2019 goal of taking customers to explore the Titanic.
/u/DavidOwen12345 - David Owen - UK Veteran Sonar Operator Mechanic and Leading Engineering Tech - HMS Tireless, ICEX04
/u/KingNeptune767 - Eric Moreno - US Veteran MM2/SS (Auxiliary and Weapons) USS Hampton '03-'08, ICEX04
Active MMC/SS (3MC) Andrew currently serving as onboard USS Asheville. I will be handling the questions for him as he inst a reddit user. He is currently undergoing a Reactor Safeguard Inspection and will be very busy. He will only answer a few questions.
/u/NavHistWriter12 - Iain Ballantyne - Author/Historian of "The Deadly Trade" and "Hunter Killers", Editor of WARSHIPS International Fleet Review magazine -
/u/Whibbler - OSINT Analyst, Researcher, and Submarine Artist Guru -, Author of "Covert Shores" and the essential "World Submarines Recognition Guide"
/u/Jamesonandmotorcycle - Veteran MM2/SS (Auxiliary) Fox - USS Hampton SSN 767
/u/Eeobroht - Norwegian Active Radio/Operations Submariner - Served on 5 Ula class submarines
/u/STS0924 - US Active Sonar Tech - STS2/SS Gilbert - Currently stationed on Virginia-Class USS Colorado SSN-788
/u/Vepr157 - Russian and Soviet submarine researcher/guru - Moderator of multiple military subreddits including r/Submarines - Currently co-writing a book with Norman Polmar on aircraft carrying submarines
/u/MacEast2nd - The "Submersion Podcast" dedicated to watching and reviewing every submarine movie or TV show in existence. They also keep up with the latest in submarine news and interview people from the community.

Everyone on the panel has been instructed to hold of on answering any questions until 12p EST to allow the up/down votes to filter questions.

This AMA is going to stay at 100% active until tomorrow due to the time differences. Everyone involved is scattered across 6 different time zones. The active submariners have unreliable schedules due to the nature of the job. We also have a few people taking business flights today. Some replys maybe delayed due to this.