OSINT Tracker: Russia's Principle Anti-Ship Capabilities in Mediterranean & Black Sea, Feb 09 2022


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OSINT Tracker: Russia's Principle Anti-Ship Capabilities in Mediterranean & Black Sea, Feb 09 2022

Flag Russia Russian Naval activity in Mediterranean and Black Seas has been increasing. Although generally explained away as 'drills', this is closely linked to the build-up off Ukraine. Surface groups from the Atlantic, Pacific and Baltic fleets have been called in. Possibly submarines too.

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This tracker, compiled with Damien Symon (Twitter) and aided by others, is intended to give the big picture. Positions and range rings are approximate, obvious caveats apply. It should provide a general understanding of the scope and scale of Russian anti-ship weapons in the region.

There are currently two cruiser-led groups operating in the Mediterranean, one at each end. This is significant as NATO Aircraft Carriers cannot enter the Black Sea under the Montreux Convention. As well as the SLAVA Class cruisers themselves, some of their escorts also have anti-ship missiles.
Marshal Ustinov Cruiser
SLAVA Class cruiser Marshal Ustinov seen heading south off Norway, Jan 25. It is now operating in the Western Mediterranean, accompanied by two destroyers. The large missile bins along each side are for 16 x SS-N-12 SANDBOX 'carrier killer' missiles. Photo Norwegian Air Force

Possibly because of this, Russia is planning to add a third cruiser group in the next few days, coming from the Black Sea.

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The Black Sea Fleet's conventionally powered submarines are also deployed. Currently 3 servable boats are in the Black Sea. All are in port at last sighting, but understood to be 'bombed up', including Kalibr missiles). Additionally 3 are in the Mediterranean, based at Tartus in Syria. One of these, Rostov-na-Donu, is expected to sail into the Black Sea on Feb 11, leaving two in the Med and 4 in the Black Sea.

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Bastion-P coastal batteries, as well as other smaller coastal systems, are likely deployed at key area. We assess Crimea, Novorossiysk/Sochi and Tartus in Syria as the most likely areas. These systems are road mobile and can be redeployed relatively quickly. They use the P-800 Oniks missile.
Bastion-P missiles
File image of Bastion-P deployed in the Black Sea. Russian MoD photo.

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