U.S. Navy Submarines May Have Stealth Problems, But They’re Not Alone LINK
Oct 13, 2019. A whistleblower has surfaced an alarming problem involving sonar absorbing coatings falling off U.S. subs, but the problem also affects other navies.

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China’s Aircraft Carriers Fueling New Arms Race LINK
Oct 15, 2019. China is building a fleet of aircraft carriers that might rival the U. S. Navy in the Pacific in the coming years. Other Asian countries are joining the race.

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Chinese Nuclear Submarine May Have Been Involved In Incident In South China Sea LINK
Oct 16, 2019. Nuclear-powered subs customarily stay hidden beneath the waves throughout their patrol. A photo purportedly showing a Chinese sub that surfaced among Vietnamese fishing boats is unusual and suggests that something went wrong.

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Flag North Korean Modified-Romeo Class ballistic missile submarine
Flag Chinese HSU-001 LDUUV
Flag Russian Losharik spy sub
Flag Project 885 'YASEN' (Severodvinsk Class) SSGN. w/Cutaway
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