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China Launches A New Long-Range Anti-Submarine Detection Ship

Flag China There are a few capabilities which only a handful of navies have. Extremely long-range anti-submarine detection ships is one of them. The Japanese Navy (JMSDF) recently commissioned it's third Hibiki Class ocean surveillance ship, Aki. This distinctive catamaran carries the SURTASS (surveillance towed-array sensor system) sonar. SURTASS is designed to detect and track submarines at long ranges. It is a capability shared with the US Navy which also operates similar catamarans in the role.
US Navy, JMSDF and Chinese Navy Sonar Ships
These ships are extremely stable even in rough weather, a vital requirement. China is also believed to have a similar system, and there is new evidence that it is growing this capability.

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China has launched another Type-927 sound detection ship, the Chinese Navy (PLAN) equivalent to the SURTASS. The ship was launched at the Wuchang Shipyard in Wuhan last year and has been in a fitting-out berth since then.

The SWATH (small-waterplane-area twin hull) hull is generally similar to American and Japanese designs. Interestingly it does not seem to have been enlarged or substantially modified despite a break in production (this could be described as a 'batch 2' type-927).
PLAN Type-927 Special Sonar Ships
One of the earlier hulls outside the Wuchang Shipyard, 2017

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The SWATH hull was first implemented in the catamaran Type 639 oceanographic surveillance ships. 6 were built between 2006 and 2013. Five of them were modified for hydrographic survey . The first three of the larger Type-927 followed from 2017. The Type-927 is generally reported as a class of three but this new example confirms that it is growing.

PLAN Type-639 oceanographic surveillance ship
The SWATH hull form was first used on the Type-639 oceanographic surveillance ships, shown here. The below-waterline form of the Type-927 is likely similar.

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