Iranian e-Ghavasi Human Torpedo
Flag This enigmatic ‘Swimmer Delivery Vehicle' developed by Iran takes the term ‘human torpedo’ to the extreme; it is based on a 533mm (21”) heavyweight torpedo with the pilot laying prone in the nose.

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The small diameter with multiple compartments attached end-on-end results in a 7.6m (28ft) long craft. Beneath the pilot, fitting snuggly into a semi-circular recess, is the payload. This is likely a large mine up to 1.5m (4.9ft) long. Breaking from the pure torpedo configuration a fin is added above the aft section of the hull and two stabilizers run along the bottom which together prevent it being stowed in a submarine’s torpedo tubes.
Ghavasi chariot SDV - Covert Shores
Ghavasi chariot SDV - Covert Shores
Ghavasi chariot SDV - Covert Shores

The craft has been demonstrated with a second diver crouching in the cockpit although it’s unclear how he’d fit inside the cramped hull with the pilot.

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An example of a mine which the Ghavasi might be able to carry is this 480kg sea-floor weapon below. It has a diameter of less than 0.5m (I.e. Small enough to recess into the Ghavasi’s 533mm hull) and a length of 2m. It is probable that the mines carried by the Ghavasi would be physically attached to a target however.
Ghavasi chariot SDV - Covert Shores

Its operational status remains unclear and may not have actually have entered service. At least two Ghavasi are on display at the maritime museum in Bandar Bushehr, Iran:
Ghavasi chariot SDV - Covert Shores
Ghavasi chariot SDV - Covert Shores

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