OSINT: Another Major Iranian Warship Accident

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OSINT: Another Major Iranian Warship Accident

Flag Iran The Iranian Navy seems to have more bad luck than most when it comes to warship accidents. On December 5 2021 their newest warship, IRIS Talayieh, which has not yet been commissioned, capsized in a partially flooded dry dock. The incident occurred in Bandar Abbas, Iran's primary naval base. It follows a spate of other major incidents over the past few years.

This type of accident, where a ship capsizes in dry dock, is a serious risk in any navy. It as happened to other navies.
Flag Navy Warship Talayieh

However there have been at least four other major accidents since 2018. On January 10, 2018 the frigate IRIS Damavand, sunk after rounding on a sea wall during a storm. Like Talayieh, it was a brand new Moudge Class light frigate. Its loss, so soon after entering service, was seen as a major blow to Iran's modernization efforts.

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Then on May 11, 2020 the Support Vessel IRIS Konarak, was hit by a missile during live firing exercises. It caught fire, essentially destroying the superstructure and partially sinking the boat.

On Jul 31, 2020 a fake Aircraft Carrier, used as a target in wargames, sunk accidently during tow. It nearly blocked the entrance to Bandar Abbas harbor and was a hazard to navigation for months until it was finally broken up, partly by the tide. Unlike the other examples tis was part of the IRGC, not the regular navy.

And finally, before tis latest accident, the veteran fleet replenishment ship IRIS Kharg caught fire and sunk on June 2 2021.

It would be hasty to jump to conclusions. Certainly there does not appear to be a clear common thread between the incidents. Contributory factors overall may include lower levels of crew proficiency, less of an eye on safety, many old vessels and crude construction of new vessels. However it is hardly straightforward as each incident is very different from the last.
Flag Navy Warship Talayieh
IRIS Talayieh. Source Mehdi H, Twitter

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