OSINT: China's New Type-075 Assault Carrier On Sea Trials

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OSINT: China's New Type-075 Assault Carrier On Sea Trials

Flag China China has taken another small step forward. Videos shared online have shown the commencement of sea trials for their third assault carrier. The Type-075 was moved away from its fitting-out pier by two tugs on November 25. Videos soon emerged of it leaving Shanghai (example, Twitter).

Sentinel-2 satellite imagery as confirmed it at sea on November 26.

PLAN Type-075 Assault Carrier
Screenshot of video via @louischeung_hk, Twitter

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This is the 3rd Type-075 LHD, all built at the same yard in Shanghai. Currently a Type-071 LPD is being built there, along with several Type-054A frigates. The LPD may be the export model Type-071E for Thailand, which was ordered in 2019. And the Frigates may be Type-054A/P versions for Pakistan.
PLAN Type-075 Assault Carrier
It is possible that the Type-075, although still a brand new capability for the PLAN, will soon be supplemented by the improved Type-076. That may be closer to the US Navy's America Class assault carriers.

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