Another Narco-Submarine Found In Colombian Jungle

Another Narco-Submarine Found In Colombian Jungle

This low-profile vessel (LPV) was found Bocas de Guandipa village, in Sanquianga National Natural Park, Mosquera, Nariño. The almost complete narcosub was found at a complex for the production of cocaine. The make-shift facility is believed to relate to the residual Organized Armed Group “Western Block Alfonso Cano” (Bloque Occidental Alfonso Cano). Part of FARC, the group was demobilized but residual elements remain, involved in drug trafficking.
Narco-Submarine Found In Colombian Jungle
This image shows the cockpit from the side. It is heavily camouflaged. Photo: Colombian Navy

Based on the limited photographs available the vessel is provisionally identified as a LPV-OM-VSV-8.

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During the searches, marines found 900 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride and 240 kilograms of coca base paste. There was also 1610 gallons of liquid supplies and 4,750 kilograms of solid supplies. Factories like this in the jungle cause significant local pollution with chemical waste dumped around them. According to military intelligence information, this siite had the capacity to produce two tons of cocaine per month. This equates to approximately one narco-submarine trip per month.
Narco-Submarine Found In Colombian Jungle
This image shows the cockpit from the top. Photo: Colombian Navy

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