New Russian USV to counter Ukraine's

New Russian USV to counter Ukraine's

Flag Russia Russian media is reporting that the country's first Ukrainian-style USV (uncrewed surface vessel) will soon be deployed to the Black Sea. The BBKN Dandelion (ББКН «Одуванчик») is a small USV developed by KMZ (Kingisepp Machine-Building Plant) in St. Petersburg. The latest image suggests a very different design to the RK-700 Vizir USVs previously marketed by the company.
New Russian USV Dandelion

New Russian USV Dandelion

Limited information is available. According to reports it can reach 80 km per hour (43 knots) and has a range of 200 m (108 NM). This would mean that it is shorter ranged than the Ukrainian types. Its payload of 600 kg is similar. Most probably this would be a warhead in the bow, although many options can be considered. However, these specifications are remarkably similar to those published for the RK-700 Vizir design. So a reporting error is a distinct possibility.
New Russian USV RK-700 Vizir
KMZ's RK-700 Vizir USV for reference. This design is 7.5 meters long. The RK-700 leverages the RK-700 boat hull.

The most likely mission is to directly counter Ukraine's USVs.

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