Flag OSINT: Russia's Sarov Class special test submarine in shed
Sometimes it is what is missing rather than what is present that is interesring in a satelite image. The special purpose test submarine Pr.20120 Sarov is inextricably linked to the Poseidon (KANYON) Intercontinental Nuclear-Powered Nuclear-Armed Autonomous Torpedo. The boat spends almost all of the time moored in Severodvinsk in the vicinity of 64°35'10.42"N, 39°49'18.63"E. Unusually, the boat was out of the water in October 2018. One possibility is that she is being further modified to continue tests of the new weapon.

Original artwork of Sarov with KANYON torpedo - CLICK IMAGE FOR HIGH-RESOLUTION.


Sarov almost never moves from her moorings. On the 31st August she was there:
Sarov update - Covert Shores

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On 15th October she had moved into a shed however.
Sarov update - Covert Shores
Also of note, one of the two active UNIFORM Class special mission submarines (A) and an OSCAR-II Class cruise missile submarine (B) had arrived.
Sarov update - Covert Shores
Sarov update - Covert Shores

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