Type075 Assault carrier, China Navy (PLAN)
Photo via @Loongnaval, Twitter

3rd Type-075 Assault Carrier For Chinese Navy

Flag After decades of being among the largest, yet most outdated, navies on the planet, the Chinese Navy is now building warships at an incredible rate. It is hard to keep up with on paper, let alone in the shipyards of other countries. In the past two years it has added Amphibious Assault Carriers (Landing Helicopter Docks - LPD) to its inventory. And today it launched the 3rd of these massive warships.

Excellent photos of the launch have surfaced on Twitter. See @Loongnaval and @RupprechtDeino
Type075 Assault carrier, China Navy (PLAN)
Photo via @Loongnaval, Twitter

These large helicopter carriers (the Chinese ones come in at around 40,000 tons) are often the most powerful ships in a Navy. China also has nuclear submarines and full-sized aircraft carriers, but these ginormous warships are still impressive by anyone's standards. The US Navy equivalent is the Wasp Class assault carrier.
Type075 Assault carrier, China Navy (PLAN)
These ships are being assembled at the Hudongzhonghu shipyard in Shanghai. The first two hulls were assembled and floated within about 6 months. This third hull took longer, possibly due to COVID-19.

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