Diver Adaptable Autonomous Propulsion Vehicle

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Flag Another SDV revealed at SOFIC 2016 is Patriot 3 Martime's latest project, the Diver Adaptable Autonomous Propulsion Vehicle (DAAPV). In the crewed configuration the design is broadly equivalent to the STIDD DPD (diver propulsion device) and Rotinor DPVs. But it can operate without the pilot in a similar manner to the SharkMarine Mako.

The craft is powered by four electric thrusters with120 lb thrust each. All four thrusters are steerable, potentially allowing limited position holding (‘hovering’). The battery pack is similar to the 50ah Lithium-Ion set on the same company’s Jet boots.

In line with the industry trend for DPDs, the DAAPV uses a detachable Nav from SharkMarine instead of a control panel. This is likely the key to the automatous capabilities.

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