Narco Submarine Interdicted in the Pacific
PI1126 Betelgeuse, a CB-90 assault boat of the Mexican Navy, approaches the LPV. The smuggling vessel would be near to the final stage of its journey so was likely higher in the the water. Photo: Mexican Navy

First 'Narco Submarine' Incident of 2021

The Mexican Navy has made the first reported Narco submarine interdiction of the year. On Jan 7 they stopped a low profile vessel (LPV) off Santa Cruz, the Pacific. Four crew were arrested and a large quantity of narcotics was seized.
Narco Submarine Interdicted in the Pacific
Last year saw over 20 of the so-called "narco submarines" (my current count is 21, but it may increase if more are reported). It is hard to judge the number in 2021 because there are many factors at play, but this incident shows that the route remains open.
Narco Submarine Interdicted in the Pacific
Photo: Mexican Navy

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The narcosub is a variant of the LPV-OM-2 family, provisionally designated sub-family A. (e.g. LPV-OM-2-A). The variation has a longer hull with an insert in the original 13m powerboat hull. It had four outboard motors which are appear to Yamaha Enduro 75hp 2-strokes. These are the most common type of outboard used on narco subs. Unusually it had a 4 person crew. Narco-submarines with outboard motors tend to only have three.
Narco Submarine Interdicted in the Pacific
Photo: Mexican Navy

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Narco Submarine Interdicted in the Pacific

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