Hamas Alleges That Israel Has 'Killer Dolphins'

Hamas Dolphin Alleged Israeli Navy

Hamas Alleges That Israel Has 'Killer Dolphins'

Flag Israel
A video posted by Hamas alleges that one of its frogmen was killed by an Israeli trained dolphin. This may not be as far fetched as it at first sounds. The video (shared on Twitter) shows a harness which it alleges was recovered. The harness appears to fit the nose of a dolphin. And is similar to those used in US Navy and Russian Navy marine mammal programs. The harness appears to have a spear gun-like device attached.

Dolphins cannot tell friend-or-foe so generally you would not expect them to deliver lethal force. Instead they mark the target with a buoy. The harness device may be part of that type of system. Or, possibly, it is indeed a straightforward weapon.
Hamas Dolphin Alleged Israeli Navy
Screenshot of Hamas video

There is no evidence that confirms that the harness is Israeli, or even off a dolphin. However the report does have some credibility. It is at least plausible that Israel may have a Navy marine mammal program.

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The Russian Navy as an extensive marine mammal program and I have previously found evidence that it deployed dolphins to Tartus in Syria. So one theory would be that the alleged killer dolphin was from there. However this seems improbable, at least if a Hamas frogmen was killed near the Israeli coast.
Hamas Dolphin Alleged Israeli Navy
Historical Russian Navy dolphin harness.

Possibly over time more evidence or reports will emerge. Watch this space.

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