Colombian Navy Stops A Heavily Ladened Narco Submarine In Eastern Pacific
The Colombian Navy has seized another narco-submarine in the Eastern Pacific on October 27. The low profile vessel (LPV) was carrying more than two tons of cocaine. This is more than the typical load of 0.9-1.6 tons.
Colombian Navy Seize Narco Submarine
The craft was detected by a Colombian Navy aircraft 35 nautical miles off La Bocana Amarales sector, Nariño. After a persuit, the vessel was boarded by the Colombian Navy. The three crew were arrested. One was Colombian, one Ecuadorian and the third Mexican. The vessel, with 2,045 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride, was destined for Mexico. The drugs are valued at over $67 million and were likely intended mainly for the American market.
Colombian Navy Seize Narco Submarine

The design appears to be a new family of LPVs. Although bearing some resemblance to the widespread LPV-OM-3, it is very different in almost every detail. This new type is provisionally labeled LPV-OM-VSV-7 in the Covert Shores narco-submarine taxonomy.

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The Colombian Navy believes that the shipment may belong to the United Guerrillas of the Pacific (Guerrillas Unidas del Pacífico). This Residual Organized Armed Group (GAO-r) was founded by former FARC members after the ceasefire. They are particularly active in Nariño department, near the border with Ecuador.
Colombian Navy Seize Narco Submarine

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