North Korea Reveals New SLBM: Pukguksong-4
Flag The October 10th parade in Pyongyang to mark the 75th anniversary of the North Korean Workers' Party, was full of new kit. Among the surprises was yet another iteration of the Pukguksong ('Polaris') family of submarine launched ballistic missiles (SLBM). The Pukguksong-4 ("북극성-4ㅅ") will presumably be carried by the North Korean Navy's ROMEO-MOD submarines (aka Sinpo-C).


Pukguksong-4 SLBM

At this stage few details are available about the new missile. However the above analysis (usual caveats apply, first day analysis) suggests that it is the same diameter as the Pukguksong-3. But the examples in the parade were shorter. However, this may be because they are missing a section of missile, possibly their upper stage. The reason for this are unclear but may be prosaic. I do not think that we should read too much into that, too quickly, based on the parade appearance alone.


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Naval News article on the ROMEO-MOD submarine:

Unusual Submarine Likely To Increase Threat From North Korea

The World’s only operational conventionally powered ballistic missile submarine (SSB) may soon emerge in North Korea...

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