New OSINT: Mystery Submarine In Service With Pakistan’s Navy SEALs

Flag An official video (on Twitter) of the Passing Out Parade of the latest Pakistan Navy SEAL Course provides fresh OSINT (Open Source intelligence) on Pakistan's unreported midget submarine. The parade was held at PNS Iqbal in Karachi, which is home of the Pakistan Navy's Special Service Group (SSG (N)). The parade comprised of officers & sailors, who completed rigorous training in line with the elite unit's high standards. The Chief Guest, COMCOAST, Vice Admiral Fasial Rasul Lodhi congratulated the Navy SEALs awarded the prizes. In the background was a rare, possibly unique, glimpse at the mystery midget submarine.
Pakistan Midget Submarines - Covert Shores
The submarine is a small special forces type, measuring around 55 feet long by 7 to 8 feet across. It appears to have single-hull construction with a raised casing, at least along the forward section. The sail is very small, and possibly mounted further after than normal. Possibly this allows torpedo tubes to be carried under the forward casing.

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Pakistan Midget Submarines - Covert Shores

The boat first appeared in 2016. This may tie to a statement in the Pakistan Defence Production Division (MoDP) 2015-16 yearbook. It listed the "Indigenous design and construction of 01 Midget Submarine" as a target for 2016-2017.

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Other Pakistan Navy Special Service Group (SSG (N)) submarines in the video
Pakistan Midget Submarines - Covert Shores
Pakistan Midget Submarines - Covert Shores

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