OSINT: Concentration Of Five Russian Warships In North Sea

OSINT: Concentration Of Five Russian Warships In North Sea

Flag Russia A concentration of at least five Russian Navy warships, plus two auxiliaries, has formed in the North Sea. (And if the Ukraine invasion teaches us anything, it's that the axillaries are just as worth watching as the pointy ships). 3 of the warships are Kalibr cruise missile capable. While there may be many explanations for this, it will likely get NATO attention.

The most likely explanation at this stage is an unannounced exercise.
Karakurt class corvette
OSINT image of one of the Karakurt class corvettes leaving the Baltic on May 2, heading into North Sea.

Unusually the group includes a frigate from the Black Sea Fleet, which is prevented from returning to its base in Crimea due to the war. Turkey has closed the Bosporus to warships.

Russian Navy vessels identified in area:

Update: According to the Norwegian armed forces, the UDALOY Class destroyer Vice Admiral Kulakov is also in the area.

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