Large illustration of Russian Under-ice Seabed Capabilities
Russia continues to take steps towards militarizing the arctic, and in particular the sea floor under the ice cap. While many of the declared projects are hidden behind marketing hype and subject to funding decisions and the almost inevitable delays which come with large Russian submarine projects, we have to read between the lines. Observable development of special mission submarines, unmanned air vehicles and arctic warships and support vessels, join with reported projects in hydrocarbons, sea floor sensors and sea floor weapons.

The artwork was originally commissioned by Janes Intelligence Review from IHS Markit. Original artwork - CLICK IMAGE FOR HIGH-RESOLUTION:

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Flag Harpsichord AUV
Flag Project 09852 Belgorod Special Mission submarine (spy sub)
Flag Russian Losharik spy sub
Flag Russian Seismic Survey sub
Flag Russia seeks submarine advantage in Arctic (HARMONY system, GUGI special mission subs)

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Flag HUSKY Class future attack submarine
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