South African Riverine Assault Boat

Flag Images have emerged of the new South African riverine assault boat in service. The craft are built by M&G Durban boatyard to a design from KND naval design. Two boats were acquired under Project Carol, joining the SA Navy MRS Operational Boat Division.
South African Rivrine Assault Boat
Photo via Darren Oliver, Twitter

South African Rivrine Assault Boat

Details are sparse but at least two craft were delivered to the South African military earlier this year. The low-profile design resembles scaled-down CB-90 Assault Boat, with inboard motors driving waterjets. The cockpit is well forward with an open-topped troop compartment behind, allowing machine guns and small arms to be fired over the sides. A radar mast is situated aft.
South African Rivrine Assault Boat
South African Rivrine Assault Boat

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