Swedish news article on Cold War imcursions
Swedish news article on Cold War imcursions
Flag Flag This morning’s Blekinge Lans Tidning (BLT) newspaper ran a story on the Swedish Cold War submarine Incursions. Retired Naval Officer Nils-Ove Jansson drew parallels to when Soviet Spetsnaz combat swimmers came ashore in Sweden to reconnoiter the placing of nuclear mines (allegedly). An interesting article in a few ways.

Jansson says that the Russians had two major operations in the 80s: RYAN and AntiRYAN. RYAN was to spy on NATO to detect the pending attack as it started, and AntiRYAN was for Spetznaz to infiltrate enemy countries and prepare sabotage.
AntiRYAN included the laying of nuclear mines which would be detonated in times of war. The article is not clear but impression is that these mines are on land. Jansson says that U137 was supposed to be collecting spetznaz that were ashore reconnoitering and preparing where they would deploy these mines. This refers to the October 1981 incident, popularly known as the WHISKEY on Rocks incident where U137 (aka S-363) was grounded on a rock in Swedish waters close to the naval base at Karlskrona.
Swedish news article on Cold War imcursions

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Jansson also says a fishing boat collided with a submerged Triton 1 SDV (Swimmer Delivery Vehicle) on 24th September 1984.
Swedish news article on Cold War imcursions
Swedish news article on Cold War imcursions

Jansson is making the point that he believes that AntiRYAN 2.0 is afoot and the Swedish navy has to improve anti-submarine warfare immediately.

Read the article online: BLT website

Swedish news article on Cold War imcursions

Jansson has previously published a book on the Submarine incursions called Impossible submarine: battle stories from the submarine hunt and the security situation in the 1980s (In Swedish: “Omöjlig ubåt : stridsberättelser från ubåtsjakten och det säkerhetspolitiska läget under 1980-talet”).

Swedish news article on Cold War imcursions

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