Chinese Navy’s New Mystery Submarine LINK
Oct 9, 2019. China is the only country on earth who can build a full-size submarine without any details leaking out. Only now are further details emerging via Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).

New Details On The Tragedy Of The Russian Spy Submarine Losharik LINK
Oct 8, 2019. The July 1 fire in the Arctic in which 14 officers lost their lives is a Russian 'state secret.' From analysis of open sources I can reveal details of the submarine’s movements before and after the event.

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New North Korean Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile LINK
Oct 6, 2019. The new Pukguksong-3 ballistic missile will likely be carried on the North Korea's ballistic missile submarines. Submarines are inherently difficult to detect and counter, making North Korea’s nuclear weapons more survivable....

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China Navy Reveals New Large Underwater Robot Which Could Be A Game Changer LINK
Oct 1, 2019. Chinese weapons are throwing off their historic reputation of being mere copies of other country's designs. Case in point: its first large displacement autonomous underwater vehicle, which came out of hiding this morning...

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