Updated: originally posted 26th June 2018

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'Diver Delivery Craft' Special Forces underwater vehicle revealed
Flag British firm Defense Submersibles International (DSI) has joined Dutch new entrants Ortega Submersibles in the emerging category of ‘submersible canoe’ style Swimmer Delivery Vehicles. These mid-sized SDVs are much larger and more enclosed than Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPVs) but still smaller and more open than regular SDVs. Another defining characteristic is that they are optimized for surface running for long distances like submersible boats, thus greatly increasing their range and endurance over a purely submerged craft of the same size. The prototype craft is expected to be tested this year.

The DSI Diver Delivery Craft was showcased at UDT-2018 in Glasgow, Scotland. Previously the vehicle has not been revealed to the public.
DSI SDV - Covert Shores

The design appears to be three-person, sitting in-line with open cockpits. Large wing-like hydroplanes are positioned fore and aft, with an almost bat-like shape. There are vertical thrusters mounted in the forward hydroplane fairing, and electric thrusters and vertical rudders below the aft set. The design is propelled on the surface via a single waterjet with thrust reverser. This arrangement suggests a diesel engine for surface mode. No snorkel is visible however.

DSI SDV - Covert Shores

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Specificiations (Provisional)
Length: 7.5 meters
Beam: 2.4 meters
Height: 1.4 meters
Weight (dry, including occupants): 1,800 kg
Speed: 35 knots surface mode, 3.5 knots submerged.
Range: 100 nm surface, 10 nm submerged
Operating depth: tbc
Passengers: 3 including pilot
Propulsion: 135 hp 4-cylinder gasoline (petrol) engine driving a pumpjet for surface mode, two eletric thrusters for submerged mode, plus four vertical thrusters for depth and trim.

360-degree tour:
DSI SDV - Covert Shores
DSI SDV - Covert Shores
DSI SDV - Covert Shores
DSI SDV - Covert Shores

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DSI SDV - Covert Shores

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