Latest Transatlantic Narco-Submarine In Europe Has Same Builder As Last One

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Latest Transatlantic Narco-Submarine In Europe Has Same Builder As Last One

A narco-submarine has been found near the port of Vilaxoán, near Vilagarcía de Arousa, Galicia, Spain. Only the bow was poking up above the waves. Despite this, it is possible to say that the vessel matches on discovered in Galicia previously in November 2019.

This shows that, despite law enforcement efforts, the same criminal groups continue to use the same method. And the exact same narcosub builders.

Reports suggest that a sailor followed a trail of diesel oil, eventually finding the bow of the sunken ship just above the water. It was likely employed in a large-scale drug operation in recent weeks but has only just been found.
Narco Submarines

Analysis of over 200 so-called 'narco submarine' incidents in my database confirms that the tube on the bow is distinctive. It was present on the November 2019 example found nearby. And other details of the bow match. So while we cannot be sure until the wreck is raised, there is no reason to believe it is any other family of designs.

The November 2019 example has the Covert Shores taxonomy reporting name of LPV-IM-14. This means that it is the 14th family of low profile vessel with inboard motor reported.

CLICK to Enlarge. Cutaway of previous example in November 2019.

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Narco Submarines
A 15-meter LPV loaded with 2.643 tonnes of cocaine was interdicted by the Colombian Navy on March 12 in the Pacific Ocean. There were two dead bodies of the crew, possibly asphyxiated by fumes. The other two crew members were in a poor condition and had to be rushed to hospital. The vessel appears to be an LPV-OM-VSV-1A.

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