Narco-Sub based on German Seehund Midget Submarine
One of the most unusual drug smuggling ‘narco-subs’ was this fully submersible midget submarine captured by Columbian forces in a jungle factory near the Ecuadorian border on or around 27th November 2011. Although it was openly linked to FARC rebels, it was barely reported in the media but a few images and some video emerged. It’s fate is unclear.
Narco_Seehund - Covert Shores

It has an uncanny resemblance to German World War Two Seehund midget submarine, to the extent that it probably used Seehund plans as a starting point:
Seehund - Covert Shores

Narco_Seehund - Covert Shores
Narco_Seehund - Covert Shores

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Main differences are forward hydroplanes and fixed snort mast:
Narco_Seehund - Covert Shores

Interestingly the payload (of drugs) appears to be carried externally, so modus operandi may be to release payload in shallow water at pre-arranged location without surfacing.

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Also, unusually for a narco submarine it has a welded steel hull instead of fiberglass. The main motor (assumed diesel) drives three blade prop with steerable Kort nozzle (like on the seehund), plus two outboard electric motors for fully submerged operation.

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