North Korean Stealth Warship has vintage weapons
I do not like sensationalist headlines but this is a turnup for the books. And it might be telling of the precarious state of North Korean naval modernization. New photos of one of the most modern North Korean warships shows that its main gun is a vintage 85mm gun, not the comparatively advanced automatic 76mm weapon seen on other recent warships. The 76mm gun is a copy of the Italian made OTO-Melara 76mm gun and may have been sourced from either Iran or Burma.

I had expected that the 76mm gun might be locally produced, but its absence on the supposedly modern corvette (light frigate) suggests that either it was imported, or at least that vital components are no longer available.

The crewed 85mm mount is in no way comparable in terms of accuracy or rapid fire, and is all but useless against modern air threats.

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