OSINT Curiosity: Wreck Of Iran's Fake Aircraft Carrier Is Breaking Apart

Flag Breaking up has never been easy. The IRGC's (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) fake aircraft carrier, built as a target for war games, is now breaking apart. The vessel capsized and sunk while being towed back to Bandar Abbas at the end of July 2020. Since then it has rolled over onto its back and drifted with the currents several times. In the latest satellite imagery the port-side trimaran outrigger has become detached toward the stern of the vessel. This again increases the risks posed to maritime traffic.


The demise of the massive barge, intended to represent US Navy carriers, was supposed to be cinematic gold. But it always looked a bit lackluster, even when it was circled by a boat swarm and hit by missiles. The thing is, it was almost certainly supposed to survive, to be reused. But it sank, and in very much the worst place. Fortunately or unfortunately, it has shifted. It is currently west of the main port entrance at Bandar Abbas, Iran's largest naval base.
Wreck of Iran's Fake Aircraft Carrier

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Iran's latest missile tests, conducted as part of the Great Prophet 15 war games, included claimed anti-ship ballistic missile tests. This capability should be taken seriously. And soberly: the claims need examining and released footage is often tainted by propaganda nonsense. But the fake carrier remains the only one actually sunk by Iran. And by mistake.

The original location where it sunk, end of July 2020:
Wreck of Iran's Fake Aircraft Carrier
This satellite image catches the moment when a massive 'bulk carrier' merchant ship passes within a couple of ship-lengths of the wreck. Aurora Intel. INCLUDES IMAGERY FROM PLANET, AND MATERIAL © CNES 2020, DISTRIBUTION AIRBUS DS ALL RIGHTS RESERVED / PLEIADES SATELLITE IMAGERY | ACQUIRED THROUGH SHADOWBREAK INTL

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