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Russian Autonomous Underwater vehicle Garmoniya-GUIDE
The Project 7Р22 Garmoniya-GUIDE (Гармония-ГИД, translated as Harmony GUIDE) is an unmanned underwater vehicle project in Russia. The vehicle is designed by Rubin and likely fits within the large displacement UUV category (LDUUV). Seven vehicles were expected to be built under a 14’466’013.33 rubles (225,000 USD) contract although the project may have been cancelled in 2018. Either way the design shows Russian UUV evolution, fitting between the klavesin-2P-PM (aka Harpsichord-2P-PM) and Cephalopod armed XLUUV design.
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Note the regular slow-turning screw-back propeller (‘screw’) and large vertical rudder with communication pod on the top. This points to a long endurance cruising mode operating relatively near the surface like a regular submarine. Note the fixed horizontal and vertical thruster both forward and aft of what appears to be a payload bay module.

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