Olenya Guba
● Beluga whale pens moved
● BS-64 returned to Olenya Guba less than a week after Losharik Accident

Flag Fresh satellite imagery recently made available on Google Earth confirms that Russian Navy’s Beluga Whale pens have been moved to a stable position near the entrance of the Olenya Guba (Оленья Губа) secret submarine base near the Kola Peninsula. These pens were most likely involved in the whale which turned up in Norway in May. Additionally they confirm that the special mission host submarine BS-64 Podmoskovye returned to its home base of Olenya Guba very shortly after the Losharik submarine accident on July 1st.

Olenya Guba, meaning Deer Bay, is the main submarine operating base for the 29th Separate Brigade of submarines of the Northern Fleet. This unit operate a range of Special Mission submarines (read ‘Spy submarines’) for GUGI (Main Directorate Deep Sea Research). Other GUGI assets including the enigmatic and controversial Yantar ‘hydrographic ‘research ship’ are also based there.

The two beluga whale pens which were taken to Olenya Guba earlier this year have been moved from the piers near the submarine hangar to a new position near the entrance to the bay. They are outside the perimeter security fence and only accessible by boat.
Olenya Guba

Both of the pens are now confirmed to have been moved from Tonya Bay around April this year, and certainly prior to the Beluga turning up in Norway. This supports the theory that the whale most likely escaped during, or soon after, the move. Tonya Bay imagery now on Google Earth:
Olenya Guba

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In July, images emerged on Russian social media that appear to show a plan for three beluga pens at a new pier even nearer to the entrance of the bay, nearby to the current position. These documents have not been verified but appear credible:
Olenya Guba
Olenya Guba

BS-64 returned to Olenya Guba less than a week after Losharik Accident
The fresh imagery also confirms that BS-64, the host submarine for Losharik during the 1st July accident which cost 14 Russian hydronauts (elite deep-diving submariners) their lives, returned to Olenya Guba shortly after the bodies were removed in Severmorsk. The submarine actually left Severomorsk a few days before this satellite pass. The Losharik midget submarine however has gone to Severodvinsk where it is awaiting major repairs:
Olenya Guba
BS-64 (upper) and BS-136 (lower) at their usual pier in Olenya Guba. July 8th 2019.

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Olenya Guba

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