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New 8-person Swimmer Delivery Vehicle revealed
Flag Italian SDV and Special Forces midget submarine builder DRASS revealed their 8-man design at EuroNaval 2018. The secrecy surrounding Italian Swimmer Delivery Vehicle (SDV) manufacture is legendary. Drass are an established name in the defense industry supplying hyperbaric chambers for diver decompression. They also offer a range of SDVs and midget submarines based directly on the previous Cos.Mo.S designs. The DS8 is the first SDV design which substantially steps beyond the Cos.Mo.S design catalogue.
Drass DS8 Covert Shores
The layout differs significantly from the DS6 6-person SDV. The crew and passengers are seated in two separate cockpits, separated by the battery container.
Drass DS8 Covert Shores
The DS8 is can be configured in two ways; the standard layout with eight divers, and the Heavy Load layout (DS8HL) with just six divers but additional cargo containers for diver propulsion vehicles (DPVs), spare rebreathers, additional hot water system or other gear.

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DS8 Specification
Length: 9.0 m
Width: 1.42 m hull diameter, 2.0 m max with
Height: 1.42 m
Displacement: 3.8 tons
Weight (dry): 3.60 tons
Crew: 2 + 6 PAX
Range: 60 nm
Speed: 7.0 kt max, 5.0 kt cruising. 4.0 kt economic cruising
Operating depth: 30 m
Host submarine transit depth: 100m
Payload: Sealed container for Special Forces stores or limpet mines - 250 liters (or 500 liters in HL configuration)
Drass DS8 Covert Shores

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Drass DS8 Covert Shores

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