OSINT confirms Myanmar KILO Class submarine
A set of photos published on Facebook (in Burmese) appear to confirm that Myanmar's first submarine, a KILO Class boat, has arrived in the country. The Pr.877EKM boat was recently transferred from the Indian Navy where it served as INS Sindhuvir. The images are dated Feb 23 2020 and timestamped 15:45.
Myanmar Navy Kilo submarine

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The photos show the distinctive silhouette of a KILO on a river. They have been geolocated to the Yangon River, in the vicinity of 16°38'5.63"N, 96°15'39.33"E. The submarine is heading inbound towards Yangon. Its probable destination is the naval base at 16°41'39.42"N, 96°13'41.49"E.
Myanmar Navy Kilo submarine

The Myanmar Navy has been modernizing significantly in the past 20 years and boasts modest frigates and small warships. The new submarine may be intended as an interim capability to train crews for a follow-up acquisition of two submarines. These are most likely also KILO Class boats but purchased from Russia.

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New image shared later:
Myanmar Navy Kilo submarine

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