US Navy SEALs' modified jetski revealed
A photo published by the US Navy shows the heavily modified YAMAHA 2016 FX CRUISER SHO jetski. A regular commercially acquired jetski has been modified with an inflatable collar similar to Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs), and it is towing a platform with grab-handles for gear, divers and casualties.


The photo was taken by Staff Sgt. Henry Gundacker on 20th October 2017 during a training exercise in Crete, Greece. HERE

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Yamaha 2016 FX Cruiser SHO specifications
Engine: 1800 cc Supercharged and intercooled, four stroke gasoline (petrol), DOHC, four valves per cylinder, inline four-cylinder. Driving 160mm jet pump (axial flow, single stage) with Thrust-1890 lbs.
Thrust-1890 lbs
Load capacity- 490 lbs
Fuel capacity- 18 gallons Premium Unleaded
Seating Capacity- Three-person

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Other photos from the shoot:
US Navy SEALs - Covert Shores
US Navy SEALs - Covert Shores
US Navy SEALs - Covert Shores
Note the Norwegian H Henrikson Magnetic Climbing System (MCS) in the bottom photo.

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