China Type-094 Jin Class Submarine - Covert shores
Satellite Image of Chinese Navy Submarine in South China Sea
Flag At around 11:20 local time on November 3 a Type-094 Jin Class ballistic missile submarine (aka Type-09-IV) leave its base in Yulin, China. It was heading out into the South China Sea, where these submarines perform their nuclear deterrence patrols. Such things are considered secret in China. Yet as it did so, a satellite passed overhead, capturing this fleeting activity.

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Image and analysis by @detresfa_ (Twitter)

China's nuclear missile submarines (SSBNs) are based in the South China Sea. The submarines deploy from their base at Yulin on the island of Hainan. It is, loosely, a bastion, a location close to home where they benefit from maximum protection. But it is very likely much more porous than Russia's famous arctic bastions. All the same, Beijing considers it their own back yard and have set up a network of protective sensors.

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The wake of the submarine appears to lead from the protected basin. Following it back towards the submarine tunnel, there are two tugs which may have been involved in the evolution (process).
China Type-094 Jin Class Submarine - Covert shores

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