Chinese Type-094A Jin Class SSBN in SCS incident, Sept 2019
Flag An incident in September, which has only now come to light, illustrates the mutual danger of submarines and fishing vessels. The photo shows a People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) Type-094A Jin Class SSBN in company with Vietnamese fishing vessels. The incident reportedly took place near the Paracel Islands (Xisha) in the South China Sea.
China Type-094 Jin Class Submarine - Covert shores
The exact circumstances are unconfirmed. The submarine appears to have a flag flying, but how long it had been on the surface when the photo was taken is unclear.


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The Paracel Islands are around 150 nautical miles from the submarine’s base at Sanya on Hainan (vicinity 18°12'41.62"N, 109°41'10.83"E). The exact location cannot be determined but it was in the vicinity of 18N, 114E, around 250 nm east of Sanya.
China Type-094 Jin Class Submarine - Covert shores
China Type-094 Jin Class Submarine - Covert shores

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